The Deck of Direct Damage

Gerome Gepigon


Today, whenever I play Yu-Gi-Oh!, I see different kinds of decks. But of all the many kinds of decks, I like direct damage decks best. For me it is kind of the best deck ever since the new advanced format came around. Why do I like direct damage decks? I like them because they are very straightforward in decreasing your opponent's life points. But today most duelists only consider the use of monster cards or magic cards or trap cards in order to inflict direct damage. They forget the fact that a good direct damage deck should use all cards to inflict direct damage. To show my opinion in creating a direct damage deck, here is my own idea of a direct damage deck that doesn't need much luck in order to win.

    Direct Damage Gerome Gepigon    
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Brain Jacker
2 Gigantes
2 Hieracosphinx
1 Invader of Darkness
2 Jowgen the Spiritualist
2 Mataza the Zapper
2 Needle Burrower
2 Sasuke Samurai #2
3 Stealth Bird
3 Swarm of Locusts
3 Swarm of Scarabs
2 The End of Anubis
Monsters [26]
1 Axe of Despair
1 Dark Room of Nightmare
1 Different Dimension Capsule
1 Lightning Vortex
1 Mage Power
1 Meteor of Destruction
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Poison of the Old Man
2 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
1 Snatch Steal
1 Stray Lambs
Spells [14]
2 Bad Reaction to Simochi
2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Divine Wrath
1 Forced Ceasefire
1 Magic Jammer
2 Raigeki Break
2 Royal Surrender
1 Spell Shield Type-8
2 Spirit Barrier
1 The Eye of Truth
1 Trap Jammer
Traps [17]
Deck Total [57]



How this deck is used:

This deck works by inflicting direct damage against your opponent. The direct damage this deck does is with the use of the union of spells, traps and monsters. In order for this deck to be understood I will give the use of its important cards. In this deck you will mostly set Stealth Bird and flip it during your Main Phase, but to protect it you will use Swarm of Scarabs to destroy monsters and Swarm of Locusts to destroy Spell and Trap cards. To also protect them, again I added Hieracosphinx to protect your face-down monsters from being attacked. Needle Burrower is added in this deck for subtracting Life Points to your opponent just by attacking the high-level monsters of your opponent that it can destroy. I added End of Anubis for this deck to have a strong monster and to prevent cards from being taken from the graveyard. Sasuke Samurai #2' class=cardlink>Sasuke Samurai #2 is for sure attacks, as your opponent cannot activate spell and trap cards at the whole turn at the cost of 800 life points. I added Antes' class=cardlink>GigAntes to clear the field of spell and trap cards and this is especially important for destroying face-down spell and trap cards that could be Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder.

Since most of the monsters are low on ATK points I added Spirit Barrier for you to take no damage in the Battle Phase as long as you have a monster on your side of the field. Jowgen the Spiritualist is in this deck to eliminate those Special Summoned monsters and to destroy that annoying Chaos Sorcerer. Royal Decree, Jinzo, Gravity Bind will never prevent this deck from using trap cards or from attacking as there are a lot of cards in this deck that destroy or negate their effect quickly like Divine Wrath and Royal Surrender. Spell Shield Type 8 is for cards like Level Limit-Area B and for protecting monster cards from spell cards. Invader of Darkness is in this deck to prevent Mystical Space Typhoon, Enemy Controller and other Quick-Play Spell Cards. Remember that this deck works best when a card supports another card in order to put unity in this deck and to perform good moves during you or your opponent's turn.

This Deck's Killer Direct Damage Tricks

This deck, like all other decks, has some tricks of its own and they are very good and useful. One of this deck's tricks is that you will set Brain Jacker in the face-down position and it must be attacked, when this happens, the fun part begins. You will control one monster from your opponent and he gets 500 life points during his Standby Phase but instead he takes it as direct damage to his life points by the effect of Bad Reaction to Simochi. Do this trick with Snatch Steal and Eye of Truth for major damage against your opponent. Just imagine this, you see your opponent's hand and control his monster and he takes the addition to his Life Points as Direct Damage instead. Shooting Star Bow-Ceal is a very important card in this deck too because you can have monsters that attack directly just by decreasing their attack points by 1000 ATK points, because of this it's also very good to add monsters with high ATK points and monsters that can attack twice in the same turn. Just a tip for this deck is to never use Snatch Steal, Eye of Truth and Brain Jacker when you cannot activate Bad Reaction to Simochi as it will greatly increase your opponent's life points.

This Deck vs. Chaos Decks

This deck has a certain advantage over Chaos Decks and other decks that use Specially Summoned Monsters. This deck has Jowgen the Spiritualist and End of Anubis to destroy those Specially Summoned Monsters. Most players are fond of adding Chaos Sorcerer to their decks after the ban on Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning and Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End. I've had a lot of experience against Chaos Sorcerer and I can say that End of Anubis in your deck can totally save you from those Chaos Decks. If ever Chaos Sorcerer is already there Jowgen the Spiritualist will solve that problem and prevent it from coming back. Treeborn Frog is also a problem in duels because it just goes back every time it's your opponent's standby phase he/she summons it again. Stop this by Jowgen the Spiritualist and End of Anubis to prevent your opponent your opponent from summoning it again.

Cards That Didn't Make it to this Deck and Why

1.Heavy Storm - I already put 2 Antes' class=cardlink>GigAntes as replacement for Heavy Storm.
2. Inferno - Adding that card was once my plan but I removed it because Needle Burrower looks better.
3. Level Limit Area-B - If I added that I would be making a deck similar to the Blaze of Destruction Structure Deck, which makes me a copycat of a deck idea.
4. Solar Flare Dragon - I'm not making a pure Pyro Deck to add this to my deck.
5. Chaos Sorcerer - It's a pest that keeps returning and a lot of people use that idea. I also designed this deck to prevent monster cards that need to be Special Summoned making me a fool if I add this.
6. Zaborg the Thunder Monarch - It's also a pest that's used by many people to destroy monster cards that they hate, another unoriginal idea.
7. Call Of The Haunted - My deck is anti-Special Summon it's a big mistake to add this to my deck.
8. Royal Decree - It looks good but as the duel goes you'll still need Trap Cards.
9. Magic Cylinder - I don't like this card, as it's too common in duels.
10. Exiled Force - I already put Swarm of Scarabs, which is way better than that Exiled Force. I mean why settle for an effect to destroy a monster once when you can destroy monsters about as long as you can flip it and put it back to face-down position to flip again.

Some Other Tips For this Deck and For Dueling

I mentioned that this deck doesn't need much luck to win. Why? It's because almost every card in this deck is vital, so it's ok to put up to 60 cards in this deck as long as you think that all cards can help you in the duel. Whenever you have a chance to do Battle Phase always be sure in your attack by using cards that ban the use of Spell Cards and Trap Cards. Always use the effect of every card to the fullest and never depend in just one card for victory, instead make every card in your deck a vital card for your win, because through this way you will find every draw a good one. This deck also needs good timing with the effect of Antes' class=cardlink>GigAntes and I mean really good timing. And finally enjoy the game and remember that as much as it is important to decrease your opponent's life points to 0 it is also important to prevent your own life points from decreasing to 0.

-Gerome Gepigon

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