Too Much Information – Richmond, VA Regionals

Jared Sylva


Do you feel like you are only getting part of the picture while attending a Regional? Tired of tournament reports that just scratch the surface? Have you ever wanted to know everything that happened during the tournament? What if I could give you all of that information in an easily searchable, easily sortable spreadsheet?

Welcome to Too Much information, the newest article series here on's Yu-Gi-Oh! strategy site. My name is Jared Sylva and my position as Star City Games Event Manager gives me access to hundreds of deck lists and all of the tournament results from our Regionals. I thought that it was about time to do something with them so I sat down to create an easy way for players to access all of the results from our tournaments and here is what I have come up with:

TMI Spreadsheet – Richmond Regionals

The Too Much Information spreadsheet can do a lot of things for you. It contains three worksheets:

Swiss Standings: This sheet has the final standings after the Swiss rounds of the tournament, along with the deck archetype of each player. You can automatically filter this sheet by Rank, Player, Archetype, Wins and Tiebreakers. When you do, the sheet will calculate the number of decks that meet your criteria, the percentage of the field that your search represents and the average finish. For example: a search for “Gadgets” in the Archetype field reveals that 5 players played the deck (2.53% of the field and their average finish was 72.80.

All Results: This sheet is the meat of Too Much Information. It holds the result of every match played during the entire tournament. With so much to do on this sheet, I am going to take the fields one at a time.

Round: Sorting this field will give you results only from specific rounds

Player: Want to see how your friend (or enemy) did round by round? Simply select their name and you get a summary of their whole day. This should also help those of you who like to write tournament reports as it will provide you with all of the information about who you played and what they were playing.

Archetype – Player: Now for the fun. Filtering by Archetype will let you see every match that a deck played on the day. The spreadsheet will also automatically calculate the Match Win Percentage, Matches Played, Wins, Losses and Byes for the deck you chose. Filtering this field turns the whole Regionals into your own testing group.

Result: Just want to see the decks that won? Or lost?

Opponent: Functions similar to the Player field.

Archetype – Opponent: When used in conjunction with the Archetype (Player) field, you can see how a certain match-up played out over the course of the day. For Example: Selecting Blackwings (Archetype – Player) and Dark Zombies (Archetype – Opponent) shows 22 matches where Blackwings went 10-12.

Top 8 Results: This sheet contains the top 8 deck lists color coded by Main Deck, Extra Deck and Side Deck. You can filter this sheet by Place, Name, Quantity and Card. For Example: A search for Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind shows that four of the top 8 decks played one of the card, including one in the sideboard, even though only one Blackwings deck made the top 8.

So, now that you have an introduction to the spreadsheet, I hope that you have as much fun using it as I had making it. In future articles, I will be spotlighting a deck that didn't quite make the cut or highlighting an archetype and the differences between successful builds and those who couldn't get there.

I always welcome feedback on how the spreadsheet can be improved, so feel free to toss out suggestions in the comments!


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