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A Look at Limited Expansion Tournament- Magicianís Force†

Mike Hsu


A friend this past Saturday came to me for advice and also to trade cards for an upcoming tournament. What was special about this tournament was that it was a limited format, and a very creative one at that. In this tournament you could only use cards from one expansion, and he chose to go with the expansion of Magic Ruler. This seems like a logical choice at first glance, and he seemed to have his act together. He asked for Shining Angels and Senju of the Thousand Hands, intending to create the deck thinning combo to fetch Relinquished, which would give him control advantage over other decks. He then went on to talk about the merits of having the hand control cards (the Trio, Delinquent Duo, Forceful Sentry, and Confiscation) as well as the trap removal afforded by Mystical Space Typhoons. While this was a good choice, I know from experience that Magic Ruler will not have answers to other stuff, such as strong four star monsters, efficient card draws, mass removal, magic negation, etc.

After he finished communicating his ideas, I proposed that he instead create a deck from Magicianís Force cards instead. The English expansion of Magicianís Force contains the Japanese expansions of 302-Advent of Union and 303-Master of Dark Magic, two of the strongest theme expansions to ever be created in Yu-Gi-Oh. Those of you who play theme/subtype tribe decks will know instantly what I am talking about and realize that very good decks can be constructed from some of the theme cards in this set. Allow me to further elaborate the themes: Magician/Spellcasters, XYZ, and the Amazonesses.†

The Strong Women

Lets begin our deck dissection with the Amazonesses, a favorite of Mai Valentine on the TV show. The Amazoness in the set lack brute force, but are supported by spells (Amazoness Spellcaster) and traps (Dramatic Rescue, Amazoness Archers). The general strategy is to lure your opponent out with an amazon and a trap, then spring the trap and take out most of his threats while yours stay alive. Generally Dramatic Rescue strategy (big monsters in your hand) and Amazoness Archers strategies are mutually exclusive, and you should only stick to one of the two when playing amazoness decks for your deck to remain consistent.

The Versatile Machines

Next we go to the machines XYZ for a look at versatility. A XYZ limited deck will included X,Y,Z and of course the fusions. Playing this deck also requires patience and strategy, as you may not want to remove right away when the right two pieces come along. Most people overlook the XYZ machines ability to unionize and boost its strength for longevity out on the field due to the possible situation that your opponent will have magic/trap removal for your union monster. Since this is a limited format, the odds of them having such a threat is greatly reduced, and you can safely hold out for XYZ. Remember, while you are waiting, your hand is also filling up with cards for use with the XYZ. There is a great amount of creative space in this deck, to be filled with other supporting cards (which we will see in two paragraphs) from the set.

The Champion Spellcasters

While we are on the subject of versatility, I believe the most versatile deck of these three theme decks is the Magician/Spellcaster deck. Spell/magic counters provide some of the most interesting effects when paired with spells. Spell counters let you draw (Royal Magical Library), destroy monsters (Magical Marionette), negate spells (Anti-Magic Shell), and perform mass removal (Mega Ton Magic Cannon). All important aspects of the game which will be even more emphasized in this limited expansion format. The spellcasters themselves are nothing to sneer at either, Apprentice Magician-Old Vindictive Magician is an awesome combo. Royal Magical Library is a very good wall. Chaos Command Magician is very efficient. Skilled Dark Magician is standard in some of the constructed decks being played right now. Lets not forget the supporting cards of Pitch-Black Power Stone and Gather Your Mind to back these magicians up.†

Everyone Needs Support

Finally, we come to the general supporting cards in the set, all of which can be integrated efficiently into the previous decks. They are listed below, along with a short explanation.†

1) Spell Shield Type 8 - Very good against single monster targeting spells, can also block global spells.

2) Breaker the Magical Warrior - Walking Mystical Space Typhoon, can be replenished by spell counters. Good 1900-1600 attack monster.

3) Luster Dragon - A good solid 1900 four star monster.

4) Double Spell - Nothing like hijacking your opponents spells and using it against him/her. In spellcaster decks also grants spell counters.

5) Spell Canceller - Good if you are just running traps, donít play in spellcaster deck.

6) Big Bang Shot - For those occasions where you need to shoot cross defensive monsters.†

Needless to say, after I communicated my ideas across to my friend, he had doubts about whether or not to switch to Magicianís Force as the expansion he will use for the tournament. I hope he does, because I am anxious to see that some of the underused cards in the set finally see the light of competitive play.

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