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Impromptu Tournament-Playing With a Foreign Deck

Forrest Gueterman


I went to my local store today, Game On, because we were having a reporter come in to check the place out and write us up in the local newspaper. The store owner asked me to be there, just in case he wanted to interview me. So I agreed, and went with my brother. The guy came in, and didn't do anything more than take a picture of me dueling someone else. It was staged, we just set it up then quit. The reporter was in and out fairly quickly, so I had plenty of spare time. I talked with the store owner and the manager, and we decided to set up a tournament.

Cost: Two dollars, plus the dollar entrance fee to get in.
Participants: 8
Prizes: 1st Place: 2 Packs
2nd Place: 1 Pack
Date: July 6th, 2004
Place: Game On, in Rolla, Missouri
Format: Double elimination

I had just recently messed around with my deck, thinning it out a little and tweaking it, so I was ready to test run it. Well... things didn't turn out as planned. We had seven people sign up, including me. One person wanted to play, but had left his deck at home. So I talked it out with Don (the manager) and we decided that the kid could play my deck, and I would play Don's. Don was having trouble getting it to run correctly, so I was a little anxious. Don played a Chaos deck, which I tweaked slightly with his side deck. I also added some fusion monsters, so I could have a proper Scientist control if I ever felt the need. His deck looked like this:

    Chaos Deck Forrest Gueterman    
Main Deck
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
3 D. D. Warrior Lady
3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1 Magical Scientist
2 Magician of Faith
1 Reflect Bounder
1 Sangan
1 Sinister Serpent
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
1 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Yata-Garasu

1 Card Destruction
1 Change of Heart
1 Dark Hole
1 Delinquent Duo
1 Graceful Charity
1 Harpie's Feather Duster
1 Heavy Storm
1 Mirage of Nightmare
1 Monster Reborn
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Painful Choice
1 Pot of Greed
1 Premature Burial
1 Raigeki
1 Snatch Steal
1 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Call Of The Haunted
1 Imperial Order
1 Mirror Force
1 Ring of Destruction
1 Torrential Tribute
15 ?


3 Dark Balter the Terrible
3 Dark Flare Knight
1 Darkfire Dragon
3 Empress Judge
1 Fiend Skull Dragon
2 Ryu Senshi
3 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Total deck value: $488.75

The whole fusion deck is self explanatory, besides Darkfire Dragon. I just play him against the possibility of a Reflect Bounder. Instead of bringing out a 2000 attacker, which would cost me 3000 to get rid of it, I can get rid of it for 2700. It's not the greatest option, but sometimes it's the only one. Sometimes the three hundred life points means the game...

Well, that's the deck after I changed it. I added in a Sinister Serpent, Mirage of Nightmare, and Delinquent Duo. I took out Ceasefire, Enemy Controller, and Breaker the Magical Warrior. The way I saw it was, Sinister Serpent is a near staple in a Chaos Deck. Why? Simply because that a monster that you send to the graveyard via CED's effect that comes back can be a temporary wall against a monster top-deck by your opponent. After you use CED's effect, unless you have a Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan on the field, you are very open to a top decked attacker. Mirage of Nightmare is there for speed, and possibly discarding some monsters, and Delinquent Duo just for a little control to keep your opponent off balance. Breaker was removed because I rarely ever use him except as discard bait, Enemy Controller is ok, but I have Change of Heart, which works better. Ceasefire is just too slow... and usually you only get a minimal thousand to fifteen hundred life points out of it. At the cost of a flip effect or betrayal of a plan. Either way it's usually not worth it.

Anyways, onto the tournament...

Round one: Me versus Christian

Christian is a cool little kid. I'm not sure how old he is, but I'm guessing ten-eleven. Somewhere around there. Anyways, he's really good, especially for his age. I would say, top ten at least at our store. And that's saying something. I made 7th at our regionals, and I'm only second-third best, depending on the day. Anyways, his dad buys a lot of cards for him, and himself. His dad is pretty cool, I helped teach him about the game, and he calls me for rulings. A good guy. So Christian was running a Chaos-Control Deck today, which was fifty cards big. I asked him why, and he said he didn't know, but wanted to cut it back a little. I shook my head and we started to play.

Round one: This one was scary. I pulled a really bad hand, but with Card Destruction. It had BLS-EOTB and Yata-Garasu in it, but sacrifices must be made. I used Card Destruction, and pulled an even worse hand. I still see it as if I hadn't have done that, Christian would have beaten me sooner. I set a Monster Reborn face down as a bluff and ended. The next few turns were horrible. Delinquent Duo, Confiscation, and Forceful Sentry ruined my small chances at winning. A Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed my bluff. He completely dominated me, and I saw what Don meant by the deck not running right. I managed to set a D. D. Warrior Lady as a top deck. He quickly slammed down my few defenses, brought out a Magical Scientist, and demolished my set D. D. Warrior Lady. He brought out Yata-Garasu and clinched it right there.

Round two: This one ran a lot better. I brought out a Delinquent Duo to slim down his opening hand. What do you know? There goes a Don Zaloog and Black Luster Soldier. I was a little afraid of a Chaos Emperor Dragon, so I summoned a Kycoo into attack position. I set a Ring of Destruction, Imperial Order, Harpie's Feather Duster, and I put a face up Mirage of Nightmare. I grinned, knowing that I had this owned. His turn, I asked if he could stop Mirage, and he couldn't. I drew my four. He tried to play a Graceful Charity, and I stopped it with my set Imperial. He didn't look too happy. He summoned a Breaker, which I Ringed before it got it's counter. He ended. I didn't pay for Imperial, but resolved Mirage of Nightmare first. Great hand, I don't remember what was in it, but I do remember a Scientist and Yata-Garasu which I used. I slowly whittled away at his remaining hand, which contained only monsters. Game.

Round three: This one was back and forth. We both had Yata-Garasu, and we also weirdly had Magical Scientist. He set his Scientist second turn, and I summoned mine in face up attack mode. I payed a thousand for Balter, and attacked his face down Scientist. A mistake, but oh well. He Monster Reborned his Scientist next turn, which I Ring of Destructioned. His turn he pulled a D. D. Warrior Lady, and killed my Scientist. I managed to pull a Raigeki, which I played. I then kept on pulling Kycoo's to end it. He got in a strike by Yata before the end, but I ended it with a Called Kycoo the next turn and my own Yata. Game set Match.

Match two: Me vs. Hillary

Hillary is one of the few female duelists at our school, and she's also one of the people to play from the beginning. She's not the greatest, but can pull some nasty come backs late game. I wasn't too worried about playing her, since I've never lost to her.

Round one: This wasn't too difficult, I Raigeki'ed her opening monster (newbie move, I know, but it worked). It was a 2000 defense normal monster, I forget which one. I brought out a Kycoo and quickly beat her. She didn't try too hard to beat me, she just seemed to want to end the match quickly.

Round two: Same as the beginning, except I ended up with a near-full field to end it on turn three.

Match three: Me vs. Drew

Drew is a decent duelist. He plays a weird sort of Chaos deck that can come back and bite you in the butt. I overly under-estimated him in the first duel, and it almost cost me the match.

Round one: I had a decent opening hand, Painful Choice and Black Luster Soldier. I also had Tribe-Infecting Virus, and Torrential Tribute. I set Tribe-Infecting Virus and Torrential Tribute and ended. Don oohed that choice, he obviously wanted me to use Painful Choice. Well, it worked out. Nothing too major happened, besides him destroying my Tribe. Well, I drew, then I played Painful Choice. Three lights and two darks. He picked a light for me to keep (Magician of Faith). I summoned my Black Luster Soldier, and I removed his face down monster. I then Ring of Destruction'ed my Black Luster Soldier. I Premature Burial'ed it, and attempted to attack. Magic Cylinders, ouch. I was now down to 1200 life points. He was at 5000. We fought back and forth, but it ended up with a face up Chaos Sorcerer on his side of the field, a face up defense position Sinister Serpent, and a face down Magician of Faith on my side of the field. The life points were at 200 (me) and 300 (him). Drew had a face down magic or trap on his side, and I had two on my side. He flipped up Ring and targeted his Sorcerer. It tied it. It kinda stunk because I would have gotten back my Pot of Greed, which had a MST and Graceful coming up. Bummer.

Round two: I went second. I pulled CED, Monster Reborned my Sangan (Graceful'ed), then proceeded to Yata lock him. He didn't want to go for a third duel, so I was in a perfect line for 1st place. I had an automatic one pack. Awesome.

I had to wait for three more rounds in the loser bracket, then I would play the winner. So I was playing a few quick games with Ethan, one of my friends there. He was saying that even if I beat him, it was cause of Don's deck. I replied saying that if I lost, it was because of the deck too. It was pretty fun, but he had a Chaos deck extremely similar to Don's, but he knew how to play it. That experience made all the difference, as he beat me in the third duel. Lucky topdeck, of course.

After that I watched Don play Marvel Vs. with the store owner. I didn't see who won though, because I was pulled over to my final match.

Finals: Me vs...dun dun dun... Christian!

Alright, he was back. Probably the only one there who could stand a chance against Don's deck and my playing skills besides Ethan (who didn't arrive in time to play). This time he knew what to do with his deck, and he knew what was in Don's. But, I knew what sort of tricks he had hidden in that deck, and I was prepared.

Round one: Chaos first turn for me! Alright, from then on it was simple. I top decked a Kycoo which I used to beat him down with, and he couldn't stand against me. Quick and easy. He scared me for a bit though, when he brought out his Black Luster Soldier. However, I Ring'ed it, then Monster Reborn. Game.

Round two: This one was a little scary. Opening I managed to Delinquent Duo most of his hand. A light and a dark though... which hurt me later on. I brought out Kycoo, just in case. His turn, he set a monster. My turn, Raigeki. I attacked, Waboku. Crud. I set Ring of Destruction and Torrential Tribute. His turn, he had three cards in his hand. Dark Hole. He then looked through his graveyard, and declared he had both monsters. My eyes went big, and I was thinking pretty hard. I had a face up Magician of Faith in attack position, I had flipped it the turn before. I realized that he might be able to win if he brought out the Soldier, if I didn't use Torrential Tribute. I told him that, without the Torrential Tribute part. That decided it, he brought out the Soldier. I activated Torrential Tribute. Gone went both of us, but he removed my Magician of Faith. Ah well. That was my only Light monster. What do you know? My turn I pulled the Dragon, but couldn't summon him. I was sweating a bit, but I set a Sinister Serpent. He passed on his turn. I drew a Monster Reborn. I grinned at him, then Reborned his Soldier, which I used to pummel him for the win.

That was a really good tournament, especially considering that we whipped it up on the spot. Our store is pretty new, so the small amount of money that the tournament generated helped. I really appreciated the experience of playing with a deck that was just handed to me, with only a few minutes worth of studying and tweaking before I played it. It was a good deck though... and that helped out a lot. I do hope that Don will take a look at the changes I made and seriously think about keeping them there. Plus, it got me thinking about running Chaos again. My beatdown seems to work out well (the kid made it into the semi finals of the loser bracket... and he's really not that great of a duelist. Everyone says it was just the deck), but I feel more comfortable with the skill and variety available with the Chaos monsters. You can make it a Chaos-Control, Chaos-Beatdown, or simply just a Chaos deck. Great fun.

So taking into the fact that I want a Chaos deck again, I picked Invasion of Chaos as my two packs. Well, wouldn't you know it? I didn't pull anything at all. So I shrugged, and donated the commons and two rares to the store. Hopefully someone might buy them. Doubtful, but collectors could have some interest. Right? Besides, the tournament was really good for bragging rights. I didn't lose a single match, and I only lost two duels. Not bad, not bad at all. Ethan will say that since he wasn't there to play, it let me get the packs, but I can take him any day.

Helping Christian improve his deck after the tournament, it's down to forty cards and should run like a dream.
Possibly helping Don's deck run smoother.
Get a few more dollars for Game On!
Just having fun, duh.

Nothing really in my two packs.
Not having Ethan play, he got in too late. Need to show that kid that I can beat him in a tournament...

That's it for the tournament. If you want to stop by, please do. I'm always willing to duel new people. Yu-Gi-Oh! day is Tuesday, but we have official tournaments on Saturdays. I'll be there on Saturday almost always, and usually I'm there Tuesday. Just ask for Forrest.

If you have any questions at all, please e-mail me. Also, I really like discussing most things Yu-Gi-Oh! so if you want to talk about something, have something clarified, argue a point with me... please, I have plenty of time. Also, I would love to have people send me ideas for my next article. My e-mail address is F_Gueterman@editcorp.com. Give me a letter, and I will reply!

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