Anouncing the TCGPlayer Cart Optimizer!

Jason Grabher-Meyer

7/5/2013 1:00:00 PM

If you've ever shopped with us here on TCGPlayer, you may know that we're not actually a store. We don't sell anything ourselves - instead, we're a gateway to hundreds of individual vendors, all competing for your business. By letting you browse countless stores nation-wide with one click, we make it easy to comparison shop and find the best prices on the cards you need.

TCGPlayer's been the best place to find the lowest prices from reliable sellers for a long time, but there was one problem: when you need a bunch of different cards, your order might involve three, four, or half a dozen stores. And since each seller ships from a different location, those shipping fees could cut into your savings.

But not any more! This week we're bringing you the number one most-requested feature you've been asking for in our Yu-Gi-Oh storefront: the TCGPlayer Cart Optimizerô! The Optimizer lets you place your order, hit a button, and instantly rebuild your cart so you pay the lowest shipping fees possible. The Optimizer does all the work of figuring out which stores can save you the most money - it balances mailing costs with the lowest list prices and figures everything out. TCGPlayer was an incredibly powerful comparison shopping tool before, but now it's even better.

If you've ever bought Magic cards here on TCGPlayer, you might be wondering, "What took so long?!" The Optimizer's been a well-loved tool over on the Magic side of the site for ages, but converting it for Yu-Gi-Oh took some time. The reason? Card rarities.

While other games offer just one basic and one foil version of each card, we know it's important in Yu-Gi-Oh to get the card you want, in the rarity you want it. If you're happy with the lowest rarity possible, that's no problem! But if you want your Mystical Space Typhoons to be Secret Rare instead of Ultra, or you're looking for that Ghost Rare Stardust Dragon instead of one of the eight billion other rarities it's been printed in, it was important to us that you get it. That's why we developed the Yu-Gi-Oh Optimizer to work in two different modes: you can choose the exact rarities and editions you want, or you can Optimize your order for the absolute best deals.

So How Does It Work?
Using the Optimizer's really easy. Just shop like normal and when you've selected all your cards, you'll see the Optimizer at the top of your Cart. It looks like this:

Hit the "OPTIMIZE NOW" button, and you'll choose to Optimize for absolute lowest prices, or for your exact rarities.

I chose lowest price, delivering me to this screen:

From here I can choose to Optimize everything, or I can uncheck cards that I don't want to Optimize. If I uncheck a card the Optimizer will keep that card as I ordered it. That means you can Optimize the cards you're less attached to, but still get the rarities you want for more important ones. It's the best of both worlds. In the pic above you can see that I unchecked Compulsory Evacuation Device, because I love that card in Secret Rare.

Hit the Optimize button and the Optimizer rebuilds your order and sends you back to your Cart. From there you can check out your new total and see how much you saved.

If you're a budget player the Optimizer's awesome - every dollar counts, and wasting money on shipping is the worst. But even if you're looking for a bunch of high rarity cards, the Optimizer gets you the best deals so you can trick out your deck or finish your collection faster. Nobody wants to waste time and money.

The best part? The Optimizer's a work in progress and we keep looking for ways to improve it. As TCGPlayer continues to grow, the tools we offer will grow with it. Our goal is to be your one-stop shopping destination for singles; by giving you more control over how you shop, we think we're one step closer to that. Try it out for yourself! Build an order for kicks, hit Optimize, and see how much you could be saving.

Nobody else offers you this kind of control, and nobody else does all the comparison shopping for you. Thanks for choosing TCGPlayer.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer

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