The Finals: Desmond Johnson vs Mackenzie Franklin

Doug Zeeff

10/26/2014 5:00:00 PM

After eleven rounds of Swiss plus Top 16, Top 8, and Top 4 matches it all comes down to this. Desmond Johnson is pitting his Shaddolls against Mackenzie's Shaddoll Artifacts. Both competitors know their decks inside and out, and both are going to be taking home a good chunk of cash for making it this far. This last match will decide the whole tournament, but we won't know the winner until the dust from this epic clash has settled. Franklin won the die roll and opted to go first.

He started off with a set monster and three backrow.

Johnson had a hand of Solemn Warning, Pot of Duality, Mystical Space Typhoon, Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Falco, and Shaddoll Squamata. He activated Shaddoll Fusion to pitch Falco and Squamata to Summon El Shaddoll Winda. Squamata sent Shaddoll Hedgehog to the graveyard, which added Beast to his hand. Shaddoll Falco set itself. El Shaddoll Winda attacked Franklin's face-down, but Franklin flipped Sinister Shadow Games in response, sending Shaddoll Beast to the graveyard. Beast got him a card, and Shaddoll Falco was flipped up from the attack. Beast was set to the field. Johnson tributed his El Shaddoll Winda for Beast and took back Shaddoll Fusion. He set Solemn Warning and Mystical Space Typhoon before ending.

Franklin flipped Shaddoll Beast and drew two cards before discarding Shaddoll Squamata. Its effect sent Shaddoll Dragon to the graveyard, which destroyed Johnson's set Solemn Warning. Franklin sighed at his hand, then decided to attack the face-down Shaddoll Falco with Beast. Shaddoll Falco set Shaddoll Squamata. Franklin set a monster and three backrow in Main Phase 2.

Johnson drew Allure of Darkness. He flipped Shaddoll Beast to draw another Beast and Pot of Duality, and he discarded the Duality. Johnson then activated Shaddoll Fusion, sending his in-hand Beast and Squamata to the graveyard for El Shaddoll Winda. Shaddoll Squamata's effect kicked in, sending Shaddoll Falco to the graveyard. Falco Special Summoned itself face-down in defense position. Johnson used Winda to attack Beast, and when both were destroyed he added Shaddoll Fusion back to his hand.

Beast attacked Franklin's face-down monster, and Franklin responded with Double Cyclone to target one of his sets and Johnson's Mystical Space Typhoon. The Typhoon was chained to destroy a face-down Artifact Beagalltach, and Cyclone destroyed a Moralltach. Both were Special Summoned, and Moralltach destroyed a Beast, while Beagalltach targeted a newly chained Call Of The Haunted that was used to bring Shaddoll Beast back. In Main Phase 2 Johnson thought for a moment and ended his turn.

Franklin flipped up his Shaddoll Falco. It brought back Shaddoll Dragon to the field in face-down defense position. Franklin analyzed his options, eventually Synchro Summoning Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn using Beagalltach and Shaddoll Falco. Michael banished Johnson's face-down Shaddoll Falco and all his monsters attacked directly. In Main Phase 2 Franklin overlaid for Artifact Durendal. He set one backrow and passed.

Johnson drew Vanity's Emptiness. He activated Pot of Duality, revealing Shaddoll Squamata, Mathematician, and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress. He took the Shaddoll Squamata. He then used Allure of Darkness, but Franklin used Durendal to stop it. Allure then popped a Double Cyclone. Johnson realized he had no way to win the game and he admitted defeat. Both players dove into their Side Decks.

Johnson opted to go second for the next game. Franklin started off with Shaddoll Fusion using Shaddoll Beast and Artifact Moralltach for El Shaddoll Construct. Construct and Beast's effects activated, sending Shaddoll Hedgehog to the graveyard. Beast allowed Franklin to draw a card, and with Shaddoll Hedgehog he searched out another Shaddoll Beast. He tributed his El Shaddoll Construct for a face-down and added Shaddoll Fusion back to his hand. He set two.

Johnson started off with Shaddoll Beast, The Monarchs Stormforth, Mystical Space Typhoon, Wiretap, and two copies of Vanity's Emptiness. He activated Stormforth, and Johnson responded with Sinister Shadow Games sending Shaddoll Falco to the graveyard. Beast was flipped up, and Johnson set Shaddoll Falco and drew two cards. He discarded an Armageddon Knight to complete Beast's effect. Johnson then Tributed his opponent's Beast for a Beast of his own in face-down defense position, then set all three of his traps.

Franklin Normal Summoned Shaddoll Squamata. He flipped Shaddoll Falco but was met with Vanity's Emptiness. Shaddoll Squamata attacked over Johnson's Beast, and Johnson drew Mathematician and Upstart Goblin. He discarded Mystical Space Typhoon and Beast went down. Shaddoll Falco struck for 600 damage, and Franklin finished out by setting two cards to his back row.

Johnson drew Shaddoll Dragon. He Normal Summoned Mathematician and used its effect to send Shaddoll Squamata and Shaddoll Beast to the graveyard. Beast let him draw Majesty's Fiend. He then used Upstart Goblin to draw another Wiretap. He attacked Shaddoll Falco with Mathematician, Artifact Sanctum was activated in response, and Johnson used Wiretap to stop it! Shaddoll Falco went down, and Johnson set his other Wiretap before ending his turn.

Franklin activated Shaddoll Fusion and was promptly hit with Vanity's Emptiness. Shaddoll Squamata attacked over Mathematician, Emptiness was destroyed, and Johnson drew another Majesty's Fiend.

Johnson drew Shaddoll Hedgehog. He set Dragon and ended his turn.

Franklin Normal Summoned Mathematician and sent Shaddoll Dragon to the graveyard. It destroyed Johnson's last set card: Wiretap. Franklin then used Vanity's Emptiness in the Battle Phase when he attacked over Shaddoll Falco with Mathematician and then struck with Shaddoll Squamata directly.

Johnson drew BLS. He set Shaddoll Hedgehog and passed.

Franklin attacked over Shaddoll Hedgehog with Mathematician and Johnson got a Shaddoll Fusion. Shaddoll Squamata attacked to drop Johnson to 3500 Life Points.

Johnson drew another Shaddoll Hedgehog. He set it and ended his turn.

Franklin attacked over Shaddoll Hedgehog with Mathematician and Johnson got another Shaddoll Fusion. Shaddoll Squamata hit directly again, and Franklin set a backrow before ending his turn.

Johnson drew another Majesty's Fiend and extended the handshake! Wow! In an unexpected turn of events Desmond Johnson swiftly gets 2-0'd by Mackenzie Franklin. Both of these players did an amazing job throughout the tournament and both will be heavily rewarded for their efforts!

Thank you all for reading this final match, and make sure to go back through the coverage on TCGplayer to see all the other great Feature Matches and Deck Profiles from TCGplayer's 2014 YGO Series $10k Championship!

-Doug Zeeff


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