Low Key: Domain Batteryman

Doug Zeeff

6/13/2016 11:02:00 AM

If you haven't realized it yet, I'm a total sucker for OTK's. One of the reasons I've had so much fun playing Yu-Gi-Oh! over the past couple months is because the game has essentially boiled down to OTK'ing or infinitely floating your monsters. Some people aren't a fan of that setup, but I think it's great because it means any deck is viable as long as it can hit hard and fast.

Today's deck is another hybrid strategy that I've been testing the past few days, and it's been going surprisingly great. Love them or hate them, Monarchs are one of the top decks out there. They might get a lot of flak for bricking, but realistically the theme's packed with insane draw power and searchers.

That makes it easy to splash other engines into the deck because you're more likely to see them than you would in a theme without such strong deck thinning.

What Are We Splashing Today?
Domain of the True Monarchs is an incredibly powerful card. For the most part, Xyz Monarchs have rightfully overtaken Domain builds as the better variant, but that doesn't mean Domain won't still win games.

Today's deck is going to hinge on locking your opponent out of the game with Domain of the True Monarchs, but it only needs to maintain that lock for one turn. One of the struggles of conventional Domain Monarchs decks is that they take too long to actually win the game, giving the opponent ample opportunity to blow up your Field Spell.

 Kuraz the Light Monarch
Kuraz the Light Monarch26794
Set Light of Destruction
Level 6
Type Warrior / Effect
Monster Warrior/Effect
Attribute LIGHT 
A / D 2400 / 1000
Rarity Super Rare
Card Text

When this card is Normal or Special Summoned, you can destroy up to 2 cards on the field. For each card destroyed, that card's controller draws 1 card. This card cannot attack during the turn it is Normal or Special Summoned.

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I found myself drawn back to one of my favorite OTK decks of last year to solve that problem: Batterymen! A single Batteryman Charger puts 6800 damage on the field by Special Summoning Batteryman 9-Volt, which gets you to Batteryman Fuel Cell. Eventually I saw the parallel between Batteryman Charger and Ehther the Heavenly Monarch.

Both monsters Special Summon big beaters from the deck when they're summoned, and more importantly, you can tribute a Batteryman Charger as your only tribute for Ehther. After some brainstorming I discovered some cool combos with Mithra the Thunder Vassal, which lets you Tribute Summon two monsters in the same turn.

For example, one of the primary OTK's only requires three cards, two of which are searchable. All you need is Mithra the Thunder Vassal, Batteryman Charger, and either Batteryman Fuel Cell or another Batteryman Charger. First, you Special Summon Mithra and a Vassal Token. Then you tribute the Mithra for Batteryman Charger, triggering both their effects. Make sure to put Mithra as Chain Link 2 because you'll need to bring out Batteryman 9-Volt from your deck and you don't want it to miss timing. With 9-Volt you grab either Fuel Cell or Charger - whichever you don't have already. After that, you'll tribute the 9-Volt for the second Charger, this time bringing out a Fuel Cell from your deck. Lastly, you can now Special Summon the second Fuel Cell from your hand.

That leaves you with two Batteryman Chargers and two Batteryman Fuel Cells. You'll need one Fuel Cell to attack over the Mithra Token, and then the other Fuel Cell and ATK boosted Chargers attack directly for 8100 damage. What's even better is that you can do 9700 damage with Mithra, Charger, and Ehther! In that scenario, the Ehther can actually be substituted for Return of the Monarchs because you'll be Tribute Summoning the Charger. Once again, be careful with how you order your Chain Links because Charger will need to be Chain Link 1 if you want the 9-Volt search.

Domain of the True Monarchs is super important here because it stuns your opponent's for one turn, which is usually all you need to get to one of your many OTK's. Domain's a strong choice right now, halting Fire King Kozmos, any Pendulum variant, Burning Phantom Knights, and a number of rogue strategies. Now that you know the basic outline of what I'm trying to accomplish, let's take a look at the list:

    Domain Batterymen Doug Zeeff    
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Batteryman 9-Volt
3 Batteryman Charger
3 Batteryman Fuel Cell
1 Batteryman Industrial Strength
3 Ehther the Heavenly Monarch
1 Erebus the Underworld Monarch
2 Honest
1 Kuraz the Light Monarch
2 Maxx "C"
3 Mithra the Thunder Vassal
Monsters [21]
3 Domain of the True Monarchs
3 Pantheism of the Monarchs
3 Return of the Monarchs
3 Tenacity of the Monarchs
3 The Monarchs Stormforth
2 Twin Twisters
Spells [17]
2 The Prime Monarch
Traps [2]
Deck Total [40]



I really wanted this deck as streamlined as possible to make sure you hit the right combos every game. That's why there's a full three copies of most of the big combo enablers: Batteryman Charger, Ehther the Heavenly Monarch, Mithra the Thunder Vassal, and Return of the Monarchs. It places very little emphasis on stuff like Erebus the Underworld Monarch and Kuraz the Light Monarch, so there's no need to play more than single copies for utility.

As far as the Batteryman Cards go, you might notice some weird ratios compared to conventional, pure builds. Batteryman Charger and Batteryman Fuel Cell are by far the most important so there's three, but only two copies of Batteryman 9-Volt and no Batteryman Micro-Cell. Batteryman 9-Volt acts similarly as Kuraz does in a regular Monarch deck. It's not really what you want to Normal Summon, but if you play just one and draw it you'll have nothing to Special Summon from the deck.

As for Batteryman Micro-Cell, it's just way too slow nowadays. It's an awesome +2 if you resolve both of its effects, Special Summoning 9-Volt during the Battle Phase, but realistically that's never going to happen in modern competition. Not only that, but wasting our Normal Summon for the turn on a non-Tribute Monster just doesn't advance our strategy at all.

That's also a good explanation as to why there's no Squires in this deck. Edea and Eidos lose really hard to virtually any hand trap or backrow, and you're forced to prematurely end your turn. I'm not a fan of them at all, and Mithra is just a lot better because it's a Special Summon. Getting a Batteryman Charger stopped by Phantom Knights' Fog Blade is way less impactful than having Edea the Heavenly Squire hit by the same trap.

Wiggle Room
You can't really change much of the core of this strategy because you want that consistency, but there is some room to fit your own tech choices. Honest, Twin Twisters, and Maxx “C” can be swapped out for virtually anything you see fit for your metagame. For example, if you were playing at a local tournament with tons of rogue, I'd probably drop Maxx “C” for March of the Monarchs. That's a really helpful Continuous Spell that ensures your Batteryman Charger effect is going to go through, but it's pretty bad against some of the more popular decks right now.

I also wanted to fit in one or two Battery Chargers, but I ended up cutting them for the Honests. Honest is great at pushing out lethal damage even when your opponent has a big board, but Battery Charger can extend your combos through a field of smaller monsters. Both cards fulfill nearly identical purposes, but Honest has synergy with Ehther, too, so it's what I went with.

Overall I feel like this deck is a ton of fun, and a totally unique take on the Domain Monarchs variant. I've been playing The Monarchs Stormforth in Batteryman ever since Duelist Alliance, and it's crazy to think that almost two years later it's still a great combination, even if the deck plays totally different.

-Doug Zeeff

Doug Zeeff hails from Michigan and is currently an English major in college. When he's not found emailing Konami about why there's not a single walrus card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! you can find him regularly posting unorthodox, unfiltered semi-Yu-Gi-Oh! related content on his Youtube channel, Dzeeff. In his spare time he enjoys eating cheese, playing Overwatch, and, of course, playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Click here to follow him and his adventures on Facebook!

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