Ahead of the Curve: Shiranui Madolches

Doug Zeeff

8/8/2016 11:00:00 AM

A couple weeks ago I started testing different Shiranui decks with Shiranui Solitaire. Out of all the cards in The Dark Illusion, Solitaireís one of my favorites. Itís a one-card Rank 4 or Level 8 Synchro, and it has great synergy with PSY-Framelord Omega, one of the best Synchros in competition. As Iíll explain in detail shortly, using Solitaire to make Omega first turn is ridiculous because its effect loads up a Mezuki in your graveyard for next turn, netting you another Rank 4 or Level 8 Synchro.

And thatís all fine and dandy, but while Solitaire, Mezuki, and Uni-Zombie were awesome, I felt the other Shiranui cards never pulled their weight. Shiranui Spiritmaster was the only exception, acting as the themeís Debris Dragon. Thatís pretty good as a mid-range card, but Mezuki largely does the same thing better. Because Solitaireís already a one-card Rank 4 or Level 8 Synchro, Spiritmasterís revival and extra body doesnít add anything worthwhile. I was also a fan of Shiranui Style Swallowís Slash, but most of the time your first turn combo leaves you with no extra Zombie monsters to tribute off anyways, so Slash never got real value.

Speaking of the first turn combo, letís run through the basics:

- Summon Shiranui Solitaire and tribute it to Special Summon Uni-Zombie

- Send Mezuki from your deck to the graveyard with Uni-Zombie, bumping it to Level 4

- Revive Solitaire with Mezuki

From there you Synchro Summon PSY-Framelord Omega and return Mezuki to the graveyard in the Standby Phase

 Shiranui Solitaire
Shiranui Solitaire121288
Set The Dark Illusion
Number TDIL-EN031
Level 4
Type Effect Monster
Monster Zombie
Attribute FIRE 
A / D 500 / 0
Rarity Ultra Rare
Card Text

You can Tribute 1 Zombie-Type monster; Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type Tuner with 0 DEF from your Deck. If this card is banished: You can target 1 of your banished "Shiranui" monsters, except "Shiranui Solitaire", or up to 2 instead if "Shiranui Style Synthesis" is on the field; Special Summon them. You can only use each effect of "Shiranui Solitaire" once per turn.

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The exact events leading to my combining Zombies with Madolches are a bit fuzzy, but I do know that I eventually threw a (rough) deck list together. I was absolutely missing some key combo pieces in the first version of the Extra Deck, but overall the hybrid ran pretty well.

Madolches have long been one of my favorite themes. I still think Madolche Anjellyís one of the best Normal Summons in the game, getting you to Madolche Hootcake, Madolche Messengelato, and Madolche Ticket. Thatís not as scary as it used to be, but itís still powerful. Your opponent has to deal with both monsters without triggering Madolche Ticket, leaving them in a tough spot.

The Madolches also give Zombies much-needed removal in the form of Madolche Queen Tiaramisu. Shiranui Solitaire does a lot by itself, but it doesnít give you huge swings in card advantage in a single turn, whereas Madolches can crank out gigantic boards. Furthermore, going first with Shiranui Solitaire into a Turn 2 Madolche Anjelly gives you a ton of options. If your opponent canít stop the Anjelly or the Hootcake youíre going to OTK, but if they can stop them you can use the returned Mezuki from PSY-Framelord Omega to make either a Rank 3 or Rank 4.

I also wanted to share one of the most ridiculous combos Iíve ever stumbled on, which was the tipping point that made me want to play this deck. If you have Madolche Anjelly, Shiranui Solitaire, Brilliant Fusion, and Mezuki you can end with triple PSY-Framelord Omega and Leviair the Sea Dragon. I know it seems crazy to open with four different cards for one combo, but youíre playing three copies of each so itíll happen more often than you think. I wonít run through each step individually, but basically youíre making two Omegas with Solitaire and Mezuki, and then using Anjelly to get Hootcake to bring out Madolche Mewfeuille. That makes Leviair, which you can use to bring back a banished Uni-Zombie to Synchro Summon your third Omega using Gem-Knight Seraphinite.

That sequence is scary good, especially since it leaves you with two Mezuki loaded up in your graveyard for next turn. Iím not saying that combo will happen every game, but thereís plenty of other two-card combos that end with multiple PSY-Framelord Omegas. Before I delve any further into the specifics, letís take a look at what Iíve come up with:

    Shiranui Madolches Doug Zeeff    
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Gem-Knight Garnet
3 Madolche Anjelly
2 Madolche Hootcake
1 Madolche Magileine
2 Madolche Messengelato
1 Madolche Mewfeuille
1 Madolche Puddingcess
3 Mezuki
2 Performage Trick Clown
3 Shiranui Solitaire
2 Summoner Monk
2 Uni-Zombie
Monsters [24]
3 Brilliant Fusion
1 Foolish Burial
2 Instant Fusion
1 Madolche Chateau
1 Madolche Ticket
3 Pot of Desires
1 Soul Charge
3 Twin Twisters
1 Upstart Goblin
Spells [16]
Deck Total [40]


1 Abyss Dweller
1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Elder Entity Norden
1 Gem-Knight Seraphinite
1 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 M-X-Saber Invoker
1 Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode
2 Madolche Queen Tiaramisu
3 PSY-Framelord Omega
1 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend
Extra Deck [15]

Right off the bat, there are some direct parallels between the Zombie engine and the Madolches. With Zombies, Iím playing three Solitaire and two Uni-Zombie, and with Madolches thereís three Anjelly and two Hootcake. In both cases, even though the first card Special Summons the second from the deck, youíd rather have the enabler to load the graveyard. In Uni-Zombieís case, Solitaire is something to revive with Mezuki, and in Hootcakeís case, Anjelly is something to banish.

Summoner Monkís an interesting bridge between the two strategies, acting as extra copies of almost anything you could want. Additionally, if you start with Summoner Monk and Mezuki you can make two PSY-Framelord Omegas right off the bat, adding yet another combo onto the pile.

To Desires, Or Not To Desires?
It seems like everyone is chiming in about how good or bad Pot of Desires is, and while Iím sure weíll see some discussion about that on TCGplayer in the future, for now just be prepared for it to appear in a lot of my deck lists. I believe that Pot of Desires is without a doubt one of the most powerful cards in the game right now, and Iím sure that tournament results will bear that out.

Itís always important to know when to use Desires. Unless your hand is virtually unplayable, Pot of Desires isnít the first card youíre using each turn. The goal is to cycle through some cards in your deck with Anjelly or Solitaire, then activate Brilliant Fusion, and then go for Desires. Thereís definitely an argument to be made about banishing the most important cards from your deck, but once you search everything you need there shouldnít be any reason to worry. Thatís doubly true for this particular strategy because PSY-Framelord Omega can put back any cards you accidentally banished.

The only deck building decision I specifically made because of Pot of Desires was running two Gem-Knight Garnet and two Performage Trick Clown. Under normal circumstances Iíd totally be fine with playing one Garnet, and even in a deck with Pot of Desires Iíd consider it.

 Pot of Desires
Pot of Desires121323
Set The Dark Illusion
Number TDIL-EN066
Type Spell Card
Attribute SPELL 
Rarity Secret Rare
Card Text

Banish 10 cards from the top of your Deck, face-down; draw 2 cards. You can only activate 1 "Pot of Desires" per turn.

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However, in this list Trick Clown is the only Light monster, which puts you in a weird spot if you just run one copy of each . Pot of Desires could hit just one of them and all your Brilliant Fusions are dead, which isnít good odds. If the deck had other Light monsters then Iíd consider just playing the one Garnet, but as it stands there are going to be times where you Desires into Brilliant Fusion, and in those cases I want to make sure the Brilliant resolves.

Overall, I think that Zombie Madolches have a lot of potential. I spent the first half of 2016 trying to fit Uni-Zombie into everything, but it always required opening cards like Speedroid Terrortop or Brilliant Fusion to make PSY-Framelord Omega. Now, with Shiranui Solitaire, every deck has access to free Level 8 Synchros.

Thereís a ton of strategies I want to abuse this in and I canít wait to see what deck turns out the best. For now, though, Iíd say this is a safe choice that can answer a lot of decks, and itís a good starting point for the potential of Zombies going forward!

-Doug Zeeff

Doug ďChainsawĒ Zeeff hails from Michigan and is currently an English major in college. When he's not found emailing Konami about why there's not a single walrus card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! you can find him regularly posting unorthodox, unfiltered semi-Yu-Gi-Oh! related content on his Youtube channel, Dzeeff. In his spare time he enjoys eating cheese, getting play of the game with Zenyatta, and, of course, playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Click here to follow him and his adventures on Facebook!

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