Regional Material: Sky Scourge Fluffal Burning Abyss

Doug Zeeff

1/9/2017 11:00:00 AM

This past weekend I went to one of the first Regional Qualifiers of 2017 with a deck I've always kept on the backburner: Sky Scourge Fluffal Burning Abyss. It's the very deck that my good friend Austin Hurth earned his first invite with last year, which I highlighted in a previous article, and it's one that indirectly received a ton of consistency and matchup relevancy for this weekend.

On the surface, the strategy's pretty straightforward: the goal is to resolve Sky Scourge Norleras' reset effect while you have multiple copie sof Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss on the field. Doing so puts your opponent at zero cards to your three, four, or five. I'll talk more about specific matchups later on, but generally speaking, there isn't a deck right now that can function with one card in hand versus their opponent's several.

Performance wise, I ended up with seven wins and two losses, one of which was due to being late. Despite taking the Round 1 late registration loss, I managed to win seven of the next eight rounds, taking my only actual loss to an Omega hand loop couertesy of Dark Synchro.

Overall, I'd say the deck is a success, and it's developed substantially from the concept that Austin and I worked on last year. I already had my invite for this summer's World Championship Qualifier, but the UDS points gained from earning it again are much appreciated.

Let's Talk Consistency
Sky Scourge Norleras is challenging to summon to say the least. You need to banish one Light Fairy and three Dark Fiends to bring it out. That's an incredibly specific requirement, which makes sense because its effect is so powerful: you can pay 1000 Life Points to force both players to send all cards they control and in their hand to the graveyard, and then you draw a card. Of course, you're usually getting much more than one card because it activates all your Burning Abyss effects, tilting an already unfair ability even further into your favor.

While you can technically summon Norleras with this deck, the real plan is to banish it with Phantom of Chaos. The Level 4 Dark Fiend can copy an effect monster's ability until the End Phase by banishing it from your graveyard, which is much easier than summoning Norleras the real way.

 Sky Scourge Norleras (UTR)
Sky Scourge Norleras (UTR)58606
Set Force of the Breaker
Number FOTB-EN022
Level 8
Type Effect Monster
Monster Fiend
Attribute DARK 
A / D 2400 / 1500
Rarity Ultimate Rare
Card Text

This card cannot be Normal Summon or set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by removing from play 1 LIGHT Fairy-Type monster and 3 DARK Fiend-Type monsters in your Graveyard. You can pay 1000 Life Points to send all cards on the field and in both player's hands to the Graveyard, then you draw 1 card.

Store Condition Qty Avail Price  
card Stock Games 1st Edition - Moderately Played 2 $4.50
Cardmonstergamez 1st Edition - Moderately Played 1 $4.76
Collector Store LLC 1st Edition - Moderately Played 1 $4.76
PhantasmGaming Unlimited - Moderately Played 1 $5.10
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Getting Norleras into the graveyard isn't difficult. The Burning Abyss theme fills your graveyard naturally by milling cards with Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss multiple times in one turn, but you've also got a ton of draw power and discard effects to pitch Norleras if it shows up in your hand. One of the biggest differences in this new version of the deck is that Allure of Darkness is now unlimited instead of being Limited. Also, Pot of Desires exists. Back when Austin got his invite, we were stuck with one Upstart Goblin and one Allure. The drawing effects make a truly night and day difference, and it's one of the main reasons I was so excited to try this thing out again.

Furthermore, Allure of Darkness actually solves one of this deck's biggest problems: you have to waste your Normal Summon on Phantom of Chaos if you want to resolve the combo. That meant you couldn't Normal Summon cards like Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss or Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, severely limiting your effects. But with Allure you can banish the Phantom of Chaos and bring it back later with Leviair the Sea Dragon. I ended up doing that fewer times than I thought I would, but whenever I did go that route it made a definite impact.

Fluffal Bear and Fluffal Wings again give more draw power. You can ditch Bear to set Toy Vendor from your deck, then Toy Vendor to get rid of a card out of your hand and the top card of your deck. Sure, you could hit a Fluffal and nab a quick Special Summon, but realistically I was never planning on that; you're just going to send whatever you reveal to the graveyard the bulk of the time, and you're fine with that. You can banish Fluffal Wings and another Fluffal from your graveyard to draw two cards and destroy Toy Vendor, which then searches a Fluffal. That's an immediate +2 and a bunch of deck thinning for free, and it's a great way to get to your core combo cards.

On another note, Toy Vendor itself is crucial for keeping your deck running, because you get to search a Fluffal whenever it's sent to the graveyard from anywhere. You can discard it, mill it, or destroy it to get a Fluffal, and it occasionally makes your Dante mills explode into a series of draws and searches. Note that you can use as many Toy Vendors as you want in a turn, but Fluffal Bear and Fluffal Wings are a hard once per turn limit.

At the end of the day, I got the Sky Scourge combo off every single Turn 1 except for three games. In two of those games I didn't use it because my Phantom of Chaos was hit with Effect Veiler. I wanted to make that clear right before we dive into the deck list. This isn't as consistent as some FTK decks in the past, but it's by far one of the most consistent “gimmick” decks I've ever piloted. Take a look at what I played:

    Sky Scourge Fluffal Burning Abyss Doug Zeeff    
Main Deck
Side Deck
1 Alich, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
1 Barbar, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
1 Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
1 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
1 Draghig, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
2 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
2 Fiendish Rhino Warrior
3 Fluffal Bear
3 Fluffal Wings
1 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
1 Libic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
3 Phantom of Chaos
3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
3 Sky Scourge Norleras
1 Speedroid Taketomborg
3 Speedroid Terrortop
1 Tour Guide From the Underworld
Monsters [31]
3 Allure of Darkness
1 Foolish Burial
3 Monster Reincarnation
3 Pot of Desires
1 Soul Charge
3 Toy Vendor
Spells [14]
Deck Total [45]
1 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
2 Forbidden Chalice
2 Lava Golem
2 Maxx "C"
3 System Down
3 Twin Twisters
2 Vanity's Fiend
Side Deck [15]


1 Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal
1 Dante, Pilgrim of the Burning Abyss
3 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss
1 Digital Bug Corebage
1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
2 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant
1 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction
1 Number 47: Nightmare Shark
2 Number F0: Utopic Future
1 The Phantom Knights of Break Sword
Extra Deck [15]

Okay, okay, I know: there's a ton of Burning Abyss singletons in here. That can seem weird at first, but the reality is that you want as many differently named Burning Abyss monsters as you can get because they're just there for Dante fodder. Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss is the only one I played three of because searching Tour Guide From the Underworld after you Sky Scourge is the easiest way to win.

Other than what we've already covered, the standout card is Monster Reincarnation. Aside from a couple Lightsworn decks, Monster Reincarnation has been off the competitive radar for a while. It's a straight -1 of card economy so it takes a very specific deck to use it. But in Sky Scourge Fluffal Burning Abyss, there's a lot of situations where you want to discard cards.

One of the more common ones that I came across saw me holding Toy Vendor, Fiendish Rhino, Sky Scourge Norleras, and Monster Reincarnation. In that situation, you can use Toy Vendor to discard Fiendish Rhino, which then sends Phantom of Chaos to the grave yard. Then, Monster Reincarnation can cycle the Norleras out of your hand to grab Phantom, instantly setting you up for a full game wipe with a Toy Vendor search.

Monster Reincarnation also lets you search basically any Fiend monster in combination with Fiendish Rhino. That comes into play after Side Decking, because you get to rotate in Vanity's Fiend and Lava Golem. I managed to search them that way several times throughout the tournament and it's not the most obvious interaction at first glance.

It's important to mention how that specific situation happens more often than you'd think because of the sheer amount of deck thinning. On any given first turn you'll see the vast majority of your deck. Even with 45 cards, there were four games where I almost decked out, and one where I actually did.

For that reason, understanding how to make the most of your draws and mills is crucial for success. This deck produces a lot of hands that can either get the combo off with no Dantes, or take a slight leap of faith to get the combo off with two Dantes, and knowing your chances lets you make a calculated decision.

Matchups And Looking Forward
The last thing that I wanted to talk about was why this deck was a good metagame call for this particular event, and what formats favor the strategy. The basic requirements that I look for when I'm trying to figure out if I should play this deck is a dearth of effects that trigger when things are sent to the graveyard, a lack of one-card playmakers in competition, and low use of Effect Veiler and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

Right now, this format meets all of those requirements. While decks like Paleozoic Frogs and ABC-Buster Dragon do have graveyard abilities, it's nothing close to the pain of sending a hand of Shaddolls or Burning Abyss monsters to the graveyard. Norleras is especially great against Pendulum strategies because they almost never have graveyard effects, and they need two Pendulum Scales to make plays.

In terms of one-card playmakers, there are two big comebacks you might see after you Norleras your opponent. The first can pop up if you're playing against ABC's and discard one of their combo pieces, and then they draw Union Hangar. That sets them up for an ABC-Dragon Buster, which is tough to deal with.

The other tough situation that can arise happens if your opponent draws Pot of Desires as their one card, and then they draw into two actual combo cards. Both of those scenarios are highly unlikely, and neither of them happened to me. The only thing that did happen was hitting Interrupted Kaiju Slumber, but letting my opponent search one Kaiju wasn't enough for them to beat me.

That said, we're about to enter a format with Zoodiac Marmorat, a one-card double Xyz Monster and search. It's still relatively unlikely that your opponent will draw it, but I'm not sure I'd play this deck in a format where something like that exists. Overall, Sky Scourge Fluffal Burning Abyss is one of the most fun decks I've ever played, and I can't wait for the format to align again so I can run it successfully. Luckily, you've still got a couple weeks where this deck can be a definite contender at Regional Qualifiers, so enjoy it while it lasts!

-Doug Zeeff

Doug Zeeff hails from Michigan and is currently an English major in college. When he's not found emailing Konami about why there's not a single walrus card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! you can find him regularly posting unorthodox, unfiltered semi-Yu-Gi-Oh! related content on his Youtube channel, Dzeeff. In his spare time he enjoys eating cheese, Overwatch, and, of course, playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Click here to follow him and his adventures on Facebook!

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