Rerouting: Hunder Watts

Loukas Peterson

3/31/2017 11:00:00 AM

While Cyber Jar's technically my favorite card, Wattgiraffe is a close second. Do I have 27 Wattgiraffes in my collection? Did I commission one of my friends to draw me riding a Wattgiraffe and stepping on Inzektor Dragonfly? Can I spell Wattgiraffe without looking it up? Do I have nine copies signed by Billy Brake?

The world may never know the answers to any of these questions.

Hunders and Watts have gone together like PB & J for years. But since I've never seen the allure of adding the Hunders to the strategy, I've always thought the “J” stood for “jalapenos” and made a mediocre combination. With Brohunder coming out in Duelist Saga, it's a good time to revisit the theme.

Today's contributor from Canada writes…

Loukas! I've never seen you write about a Watt or Hunder deck, so why not put them together? Brohunder's just what we need to make the deck better… or at least, maybe it is? Now you have basically six copies Thunder Sea Horse. If you think that's good, it is! Too bad we can't have the same ridiculousness that is Zoodiac Ratpier.

I haven't done much testing with the deck because the weather's been nice for a change. Have you ever been to Canada? It's great, at least when it's not snowing. London, not the one in England, is pretty nice…Just saying. You probably can guess what my favorite card is in this deck - it's a horse that lives in the sea but is made of thunder and lightning.

-Michael M. ~ London, Ontario

Michael wrote a really strange limerick at the end of his submission that made absolutely no sense and wanted me to include it, but I chose to not punish you all with a limerick that didn't rhyme and used the word “Hunder” nine times. Anyway, look at Michael's deck.

    Hunder Watts Ver 1.0 Michael M.    
Main Deck
Side Deck
3 Mahunder
3 Pahunder
3 Sishunder
3 Thunder Sea Horse
3 Wattcobra
2 Wattpheasant
Monsters [17]
3 ?
3 Card of Demise
2 Dark Hole
3 Pot of Duality
1 Raigeki
1 Recycling Batteries
1 Upstart Goblin
Spells [14]
3 Breakthrough Skill
3 Reckless Greed
3 Waboku
Traps [9]
Deck Total [40]


2 Bujintei Tsukuyomi
3 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Constellar Omega
2 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Number 103: Ragnazero
1 Number 59: Crooked Cook
2 Number 82: Heartlandraco
1 Starliege Paladynamo
1 Stellarknight Delteros
Extra Deck [14]

We get a bunch of awesome cards in the Duelist Saga release this Friday, but Brohunder's definitely the standout for the Thunder players amongst us.

There isn't a great consensus on how to play Watt-Hunders, Pure Hunders, or Thunder variants because many of the most popular card choices conflict. You could easily bring out Thunder-King Rai-Oh and Denko Sekka with Ties of the Brethren, but that makes Pot of Duality and Card of Demise moot. The Hunders' extra Normal Summons are great for Xyz plays, but Thunder Sea Horse says you can't go into your Extra Deck the turn you use it. Is it best to play Vylon Prism for Scrap Dragon plays, or is Empowerment the way to go for Bujintei Tsukuyomi?

Personally I think a Watt-heavy hybrid's the way to go. You can largely ignore the shape of the field and avoid interaction with your opponent, and then just… win? Let's dissect Chase Cunningham's Zoodiac deck that got him 2nd at YCS Atlanta. Even with the added Lunalight Black Sheep combo we've seen so much of over the past few weeks, the top decks in current competition can't do much to stop Watts outside of Zoodiac Drident.

While Michael pitched the deck as focusing on Hunders, removing a few of them won't change the deck's end goal. Even though I'm cutting Card of Demise, Pot of Duality and Thunder Sea Horse limit your Special Summons so drastically you could be stuck with a lot of useless Hunders next to Watts. Mahunder wins out over Pahunder and Sishunder since it's a built-in Double Summon and has the most ATK.

Though I'm taking out Pahunder, I'm actually replacing it with Double Summon. It's odd to remove a monster for a spell that does the same thing, but Double Summon works well when you're splashing non-Hunder monsters. Pahunder and Brohunder together would be a great combo, but what if you can't Special Summon for the turn or you'd rather throw down a Watt? The option to summon Brohunder and search your deck with your first summon instead of your second can end the game if your opponent has only a few Life Points left.

Step 1: Don't Die – Step 2: Win?
Given that Recycling Batteries, Brohunder, Wattcobra, and Thunder Sea Horse will load your hand with all the monsters you could dream of, having Watt monsters like Wattpheasant stick around for a few turns is often the last nail in the coffin for your opponent. Michael started off playing Waboku, but adding in a few copies of Threatening Roar gives you a new lease on life too. You don't have to do anything fancy as long as you survive, and as the cutest duelist I know once said, “Beat your opponents before they beat you.” Watts are one of the best examples of that.

Even if all your monsters get destroyed, you'll come into plenty more along the way. As long as you can keep hitting your opponent at least once per turn, your chances of winning skyrocket. Sure, if you run into a deck with a ton of battle traps like Mirror Force it may take longer to win. But that being said, a lot of Watt's inherent weaknesses and bad matchups have been removed from competitive play.

 Thunder Sea Horse
Thunder Sea Horse67301
Set Abyss Rising
Number ABYR-EN098
Level 4
Type Effect Monster
Monster Thunder
Attribute LIGHT 
A / D 1600 / 1200
Rarity Secret Rare
Card Text

You can discard this card; add 2 Level 4 LIGHT Thunder-Type monster of the same name with 1600 or less ATK from your Deck to your hand. You can only use the effect of "Thunder Sea Horse" once per turn. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this effect.

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As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless for what you can accomplish in the long haul. I'd been trying out this really strange Spirit Converter deck with Hunders and Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing, but I haven't quite figured out what I'm doing with the deck. It's better to keep things simple for now.

You don't really have to focus on the Extra Deck, but I do suggest adding Gagaga Cowboy. Michael's deck had a lot of Rank 4 options but was strangely lacking an Xyz that used to be famously frustrating with its ability to end games. Yosenju decks often pack multiple copies, and we're going to add three here. For what it's worth, you won't need a wide range of Rank 4 options, and Cowboy's 800 burn damage is clutch with Wattgiraffe's 1200 ATK.

Here's a recap of the changes we've made.

-3 Pahunder
-3 Sishunder
-1 Upstart Goblin
-3 Card of Demise
-3 Reckless Greed
-2 Breakthrough Skill

-1 Number 82: Heartlandraco
-1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
-1 Bujintei Tsukuyomi
-1 Diamond Dire Wolf

+1 Wattpheasant
+2 Wattgiraffe
+3 Double Summon
+2 Twin Twisters
+1 Threatening Roar
+2 Forbidden Apocrypha
+1 Call Of The Haunted
+3 Storming Mirror Force

+3 Gagaga Cowboy
+1 Number 70: Malevolent Sin

You're more than welcome to change up the Extra Deck if you like. Will the third Gagaga Cowboy be the difference in winning the game? Rarely, yes; it is possible. I won't dictate its use since you have room to spare with throwbacks like Starliege Paladynamo and Constellar Omega

    Hunder Watts Ver 2.0 Loukas Peterson    
Main Deck
Side Deck
3 Mahunder
3 Thunder Sea Horse
3 Wattcobra
2 Wattgiraffe
3 Wattpheasant
Monsters [14]
3 ?
2 Dark Hole
3 Double Summon
3 Pot of Duality
1 Raigeki
1 Recycling Batteries
2 Twin Twisters
Spells [15]
1 Breakthrough Skill
1 Call of the Haunted
2 Forbidden Apocrypha
3 Storming Mirror Force
1 Threatening Roar
3 Waboku
Traps [11]
Deck Total [40]


1 Bujintei Tsukuyomi
1 Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight
2 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Constellar Omega
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
3 Gagaga Cowboy
1 Number 103: Ragnazero
1 Number 59: Crooked Cook
1 Number 82: Heartlandraco
1 Starliege Paladynamo
1 Stellarknight Delteros
Extra Deck [14]

The Extra Deck includes Number 70: Malevolent Sin

While Number 70: Malevolent Sin doesn't remove a threat permanently, it does have just a few more attack points. After all, winning with Watthunders is all about scraping out those last few Life Points, and bringing out Malevolent Sin over Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer could push things over the edge.

The only problem now is that I have so many more ideas involving Hunders. Are they good ideas? That's a question for another day, but in the meantime, happy dueling! Or angry dueling, whatever - I'm not your mother.

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you!

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he enjoys freezing in the cold only slightly less than his job as a software engineer. When he's not playing cards, you can find him on his kayak reading a book and playing the ukulele or at his painting desk, probably on his 30th cup of coffee for the day. Hailed on the only one capable of cooking Minute Rice is 57 seconds, Loukas is always looking for another creative outlet.

Do you love winning with unconventional strategies? Do you love creating mash-ups? Does your deck need an injection of crazy? Send the following to to have your deck featured in the “Re-Routing” deck fix column!

-Your Main and Extra Deck list. (No Side Deck needed, but please send a written deck list, not a screencap; screencapped deck lists will be filed and then burned in the furnace accordingly… and your deck should be TCG legal).

-Your name and city.

-Remember, please use full card names! Abbrevs and mis-sipllngs make Loukas' life sad. Try your darndest to get the TCG name on there.

-A paragraph or two describing your deck: what it does, why you're playing it, and its strengths and weaknesses. “Winning” is not a strategy per se, and neither is “beating your opponents before they beat you.”

-Your favorite card from the build and why – make me fall in love with the deck! The cooler your strategy the more I'll want to fix it, and if you throw in funny jokes, that'll surely get my attention too; be warned, unfunny jokes will push your deck to the back of the stack. Don't be afraid to get creative! New stuff takes priority, because I'm not bored of it yet! –LJP

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