Title Writer Date Article Type Rate
Deck of the Week - Rage against the Machines Zell 12/28/2004 Deck Strategy 3.36
School of Duel |PrO DeCkS| Fusilier Dragons Jonathan Fung 12/23/2004 Deck Strategy 4.27
‘05 Look Ahead: Traps Magmar2000 12/22/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Deck of the Week DaRkFiReStAtR 12/21/2004 Deck Strategy 3.56
Return of the Dead Kris Crater and Sang Bui 12/17/2004 Deck Strategy 3.50
Cyber-Stein Auction on eBay Magmar2000 12/15/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Favorite Dragons Magmar2000 12/1/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Basics of Deck Building Leslie Woo 12/1/2004 Deck Strategy 3.40
A Penny on Heads or a Rabbit’s Foot Jesse Colbert 11/29/2004 Deck Strategy 3.33
School of Duel: |PrO DeCkS| Harpies? Jonathan Fung 11/24/2004 Deck Strategy 3.08
Happy Thanksgiving! DuelYugioh Staff 11/24/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
The Rise of Annoyance Jesse Colbert 11/22/2004 Deck Strategy 2.73
Total Control Kris Crater 11/19/2004 Deck Strategy 3.88
The Advanced Format AzNLeviathan 11/16/2004 Deck Strategy 2.83
New Rise of Destiny Preview Locations Magmar2000 11/4/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
The Red Line Kris Crater 11/1/2004 Deck Strategy 3.00
When it Rains it Pours Kris Crater and Sang Bui 10/22/2004 Deck Strategy 3.85
Yu-Gi-Oh! on new AOL's KOL Magmar2000 10/19/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Advanced Look: Dark Crisis Magmar2000 10/19/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
The Forgotten Deck Kris Crater and Sang Bui 10/12/2004 Deck Strategy 3.58
Thoughts on Level Up Monsters Magmar2000 10/11/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
SOD by the Decks Magmar2000 10/5/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
The Return of the King Kris Crater and San Bui 10/4/2004 Deck Strategy 4.20
First Weekend with Format Reports Magmar2000 10/4/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Warriors vs. the Ban World Kris Crater 9/28/2004 Deck Strategy 4.00
New Decks for the Advanced Format - Part 1 Jason Davis 9/27/2004 Deck Strategy 2.67
It's A Jungle Out There': The Nature of the Beast (Deck) Andrew Mackenzie 9/20/2004 Deck Strategy 3.00
Thinkin' Time: Make Your Move! Edition 1 Jason Davis 9/9/2004 Deck Strategy 1.50
Toons are the Real Burner Brandon Angell 9/8/2004 Deck Strategy 2.85
Best of the Best: Ancient Sanctuary Magmar2000 9/7/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Monster Battle: PSV vs MGF Magmar2000 9/3/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Doing the Unthinkable: Adding Muka Muka to Every Deck you Play Spim 8/24/2004 Deck Strategy 3.00
School of Duel: |PrO DeCkS| Newt Lockdown Jonathan Fung 8/16/2004 Deck Strategy 4.17
The Infamous 15 Jason Davis 8/13/2004 Deck Strategy 1.88
Going Rogue and Loving It Leslie Woo 8/11/2004 Deck Strategy 2.86
Motion for an Ocean - A Guide To Water Decks Andrew Mackenzie 8/10/2004 Deck Strategy 3.45
Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncut DVD Details Magmar2000 8/5/2004 Deck Strategy 0.00
Coping with the Bannings: A Look Ahead Leslie Woo 8/4/2004 Deck Strategy 3.38
School of Duel: |PrO DeCkS| Ninjas and Knights Jonathan Fung 8/2/2004 Deck Strategy 3.91
Servants of the Sphinx Eric Velander 7/30/2004 Deck Strategy 4.33
School of Duel: Do-right Deck Building Jonathan Fung 7/26/2004 Deck Strategy 4.09
Lords of the Sky-Life Infinite Reynaldo Bustamante 7/22/2004 Deck Strategy 3.75
The Undead Soldiers Jason Davis 7/22/2004 Deck Strategy 3.38
The Duelist Hand Book: Side Decking Leslie Woo 7/21/2004 Deck Strategy 4.36
Rise of Paladin: A Guide To Dark Paladin Beatdown Andrew Mackenzie 7/21/2004 Deck Strategy 4.18
The Valley of Death – The End of Chaos Jesse Colbert 7/20/2004 Deck Strategy 4.50
Armed to the Teeth Eric Velander 7/19/2004 Deck Strategy 4.50
Controlling the Metagame Jason Davis 7/14/2004 Deck Strategy 4.14
Bakura Deck Jesse Colbert 7/12/2004 Deck Strategy 4.06
How To Beat Those Pesky Chaos Decks Carlo Favretto 7/9/2004 Deck Strategy 3.17
The Agents of Chaos Eric Velander 7/8/2004 Deck Strategy 3.11

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