Title Writer Date Article Type Rate
The Best of the Beats DuelYuGiOh! Staff 3/15/2005 General Strategy 0.00
Maintaining Board Presence Jason Grabher-Meyer 2/25/2005 General Strategy 4.36
Success at Regionals Julia Hedburg 2/1/2005 General Strategy 4.40
The Four Phases of the Duel Jason Grabher-Meyer 1/31/2005 General Strategy 3.78
Dark Paladin Deck DuelYuGiOh! Staff 1/14/2005 General Strategy 0.00
Top 5 Monsters who remove other monsters Kris Crater and Sang Bui 1/7/2005 General Strategy 3.16
Five Basics to Reading the Metagame Leslie Woo 12/29/2004 General Strategy 4.50
'Big Picture' and the Art of Card Selection Leslie Woo 12/22/2004 General Strategy 4.29
Buildings Decks with Tournaments in Mind Leslie Woo 12/8/2004 General Strategy 3.88
Top Five Spell/Trap Removal Spell/Trap Cards Kris Crater 11/30/2004 General Strategy 3.86
A Separate Duel Matt Keti 9/23/2004 General Strategy 3.83
Thinkiní Time: Make Your Move! Edition 2 Jason Davis 9/20/2004 General Strategy 2.75
New Tins: In Depth Forrest Gueterman 9/17/2004 General Strategy 3.75
School of Duel: The Evolution of Yu-Gi-Oh! Jonathan Fung 9/15/2004 General Strategy 4.19
Ban List, How to Adapt? Forrest Gueterman 9/6/2004 General Strategy 3.88
Doing the Unthinkable: Playing for Profit Spim 9/1/2004 General Strategy 4.00
Doing the Unthinkable: Playing for Fun Spim 8/31/2004 General Strategy 4.24
The Bluff or Why I'm Afraid of Facedown Cards Leslie Woo 8/25/2004 General Strategy 3.42
A Cheat Sheet to Cheaters Leslie Woo 8/18/2004 General Strategy 4.50
Yu-Gi-Oh! FAQ for Beginning and Intermediate Level Players Richard Royster 7/28/2004 General Strategy 4.42
Mirror, Mirror! Winning the Mirror Match Leslie Woo 7/28/2004 General Strategy 3.60
What's up next? How to read the odds Forrest Gueterman 7/23/2004 General Strategy 2.40
Thinning Nick Cale 7/16/2004 General Strategy 3.73
Turning Your Extra Cards Into Cash Richard Royster 7/13/2004 General Strategy 4.33
School of Duel: The Card Advantage Theory Jonathan Fung 7/2/2004 General Strategy 3.22
Two Parts of a Whole Idiot Matt Keti 6/2/2004 General Strategy 3.93
A Little Peek Ahead Kagadesires 5/5/2004 General Strategy 3.00
Wiping out the Options Forrest Gueterman 4/19/2004 General Strategy 3.20
Denied! Forrest Gueterman 4/12/2004 General Strategy 3.38
Chaos Stop Forrest Gueterman 3/31/2004 General Strategy 2.90
The Big Three Forrest Gueterman 3/24/2004 General Strategy 3.71
An Extreme Offense Conon Gillis 3/23/2004 General Strategy 2.64
Defense Cards Forrest Gueterman 3/16/2004 General Strategy 2.60
A Peek into the Future III: D. D. Games Mike Toro 3/15/2004 General Strategy 3.78
Cards That Should Be Used Conon Gillis 3/8/2004 General Strategy 3.33
Speed Cards Forrest Gueterman 2/16/2004 General Strategy 2.17
New Restrictions: They Had To Be Done Nick Moore 2/12/2004 General Strategy 3.50
A Peek into the Future Mike Toro 2/11/2004 General Strategy 3.60
Common Counters to Common Cards Electroburn 2/10/2004 General Strategy 3.22

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