Macro stun MstMaligos    

Format: Advanced
Main Deck
Side Deck
3 Beast King Barbaros
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
1 Chainsaw Insect
2 Cyber Dragon
3 D.D. Survivor
3 Fusilier Dragon, The Dual-Mode Beast
2 Reborn Tengu
3 Thunder King Rai-Oh
Monsters [20]
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Book of Moon
1 Dark Hole
3 Dimensional Fissure
2 Forbidden Chalice
1 Reinforcement of the Army
Spells [9]
3 Dark Bribe
2 Macro Cosmos
1 Mirror Force
3 Skill Drain
2 Solemn Warning
Traps [11]
Deck Total [40]


1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle
2 Number 39: Utopia
1 Number C39: Utopia Ray
1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis
Extra Deck [5]

Extra deck is a fun one

waiting for improvements

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