dark paladin deck alucard5657    

Format: Advanced
Main Deck
Side Deck
1 Brain Jacker
3 Buster Blader
2 Chainsaw Insect
1 D.D. Warrior Lady
3 Dark Magician
1 Dragonic Knight
1 Goddess with the Third Eye
1 Jinzo
3 King of the Swamp
1 Kuraz the Light Monarch
2 Luster Dragon
1 Marshmallon
1 Mirage Dragon
1 Mobius the Frost Monarch
1 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
1 Prime Material Dragon
3 Red-Eyes B. Dragon
1 Skilled White Magician
1 Slate Warrior
1 Summoned Skull
Monsters [30]
1 Dark Magic Curtain
1 Diffusion Wave-Motion
1 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
2 Fusion Recovery
1 Fusion Sage
1 Lightning Vortex
3 Polymerization
1 Riryoku
3 Shield Crush
1 Swords of Revealing Light
Spells [15]
1 Astral Barrier
1 Forced Back
2 Metalmorph
1 Mirror Force
1 Negate Attack
2 Raigeki Break
3 Sakuretsu Armor
1 Self-Destruct Button
1 Spirit Barrier
1 The Transmigration Prophecy
1 Trap Hole
Traps [15]
Deck Total [60]


3 Dark Paladin
3 Stardust Dragon
Extra Deck [6]

actual deck (summoned skull = elemental hero woodsman
3 red-eyes b. dragon = magna draco, frequency magician, water spirit.)dark paladin was my first card i ever got and he's my favorite. this deck is based around him. its a little bit of a control deck. one of my favorite card combo is astral barrier and spirit barrier. with these two trap cards on the field as long as i have a monster on the field attacking me is useless.

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