Forest Fire!! webbson    

Format: Traditional
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Dandylion
3 Flamvell Firedog
3 Flamvell Magician
2 Lonefire Blossom
2 Nettles
1 Spirit of Flames
1 Summoner Monk
2 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
3 UFO Turtle
Monsters [21]
1 Brain Control
1 Foolish Burial
1 Heavy Storm
2 Mark of the Rose
1 Mind Control
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Pot of Avarice
2 Rekindling
Spells [11]
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Dark Bribe
2 Dimensional Prison
1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Torrential Tribute
Traps [8]
Deck Total [40]



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