Defensive Barrier Mizukage    

Format: Traditional
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Barrier Statue of the Torrent
1 Battle Footballer
3 Destiny Hero - Defender
2 Dupe Frog
2 Flip Flop Frog
3 Gora Turtle
1 Jetroid
3 Mother Grizzly
3 Prickle Fairy
1 Soul Tiger
Monsters [21]
3 Gravekeeper's Servant
3 Horn of Light
2 Impenetrable Formation
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Reinforcement of the Army
2 Shrink
Spells [13]
1 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord
3 Desert Sunlight
1 Fake Explosion
1 Half or Nothing
2 Wall of Thorns
Traps [8]
Deck Total [42]



This deck mainly just wants your opponent to deck out, thats why Gravekeeper's Servant and Destiny Hero defender are in this. Gora Turtle makes sure that it is just a tad bit more difficult for your opponent to destroy your Defenders as they cant destroy it by attacking it unless you attack Gora Turtle first. If you have any suggestions, i would like to hear them.

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