Beatburn Havoka    

Format: Traditional
Main Deck
Side Deck
1 Archfiend Soldier
1 Cyber Jar
1 Elemental Hero Neos Alius
1 Gene-Warped Warwolf
1 Goblin Attack Force
1 Great Maju Garzett
1 Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei
2 Insect Knight
1 King Tiger Wanghu
1 Luster Dragon
1 Mad Dog of Darkness
1 Marshmallon
1 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
1 Psychic Snail
2 Sabersaurus
1 Skilled Dark Magician
1 Slate Warrior
1 Summoned Skull
1 Super Conductor Tyranno
1 Witch of the Black Forest
Monsters [22]
1 Change of Heart
1 Megamorph
1 Mirage Tube
2 Monster Reborn
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Poison of the Old Man
1 Raigeki
1 Smashing Ground
1 Swords of Revealing Light
3 Wave-Motion Cannon
Spells [14]
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Magic Cylinder
2 Raigeki Break
1 Sakuretsu Armor
1 Secret Barrel
Traps [6]
Deck Total [42]



A rather old-school beatdown burn combo. Pretty much solidified, but I'm willing to make some edits if I get some better cards.

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