Tribe-Infecting Parasite Mizukage    

Format: Traditional
Main Deck
Side Deck
1 Desertapir
2 Destiny Hero - Defender
3 Drill Bug
2 Flip Flop Frog
2 Howling Insect
2 Marauding Captain
3 Parasite Paracide
2 Penguin Soldier
1 Sangan
1 The Hunter with 7 Weapons
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
Monsters [20]
2 Book of Moon
1 Foolish Burial
3 Jade Insect Whistle
2 Owner's Seal
1 Reinforcement of the Army
2 Swords of Revealing Light
3 The Shallow Grave
Spells [14]
2 Ceasefire
2 Desert Sunlight
2 Divine Wrath
1 Magic Cylinder
Traps [7]
Deck Total [41]



The main point in this deck is to get Parasite Paracide into your opponent's deck, and then getting them to draw it. since the Parasite makes all cards on your opponents side of the field Insects, Tribe-Infecting Virus can eliminate all face-up monsters on your opponents field, which should allow a free turn of direct attacks. the other cards in this deck mainly try to make it so that you can reuse the Parasite, or clear the field for more direct attacks.

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