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    Codarus yay!!!!!    

Format: Advanced
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Abyss Soldier
3 Codarus
2 Fishborg Blaster
2 Genex Controller
3 Genex Undine
3 Mobius the Frost Monarch
3 Mother Grizzly
1 Sangan
1 Skreech
1 Treeborn Frog
3 Warrior of Atlantis
Monsters [24]
3 A Legendary Ocean
1 Foolish Burial
1 Level Limit - Area B
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 One for One
2 Salvage
1 Terraforming
Spells [11]
3 Forgotten Temple of the Deep
1 Gravity Bind
1 Solemn Judgment
Traps [5]
Deck Total [40]


2 Black Rose Dragon
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2 Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
3 Formula Synchron
3 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2 Mist Wurm
1 Shooting Star Dragon
1 Stardust Dragon
Extra Deck [15]

Gain card advantage with Codarus and Mobius then simplify using Gungnir. I feel the deck is still lacking synergy, any ideas will be appreciated

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