Harpie Lady Deck LovelyLady    

Format: Traditional
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Birdface
2 Cyber Harpie Lady
3 Harpie Girl
1 Harpie Lady 1
3 Harpie Lady Sisters
3 Harpie Queen
3 Harpie's Brother
3 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon
2 Harpie's Pet Dragon
Monsters [22]
3 Cyber Shield
2 Elegant Egotist
3 Harpies' Hunting Ground
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
3 Triangle Ecstasy Spark
Spells [13]
3 Hysteric Party
1 Mirror Force
1 Radiant Mirror Force
2 Shadow of Eyes
2 Trap Hole
1 Trap Jammer
Traps [10]
Deck Total [45]



This is the best Harpie Lady Deck I know of and it can and will dominate any deck

Stellarknight Constellar Diamond (ULT) - as low as $499.99
Qliphort Monolith - as low as $23.41
Qliphort Stealth - as low as $19.99
Infernoid Harmadik - as low as $18.95
Soul Transition - as low as $10.62
Infernoid Onuncu (ULT) - as low as $8.72
Nephe Shaddoll Fusion - as low as $8.35
Infernoid Onuncu - as low as $7.57
Stellarknight Constellar Diamond - as low as $7.50
Nekroz of Gungnir - as low as $6.80

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