Six Samurai, basic. captcrunk    

Format: Traditional
Main Deck
Side Deck
2 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
1 Great Shogun Shien (UTR)
1 Hand of the Six Samurai
2 Kagemusha of the Six Samurai
1 Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi (UTR)
3 Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki
2 Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan
2 Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho
2 Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai
1 Shien's Footsoldier
2 Shien's Squire
1 The Six Samurai - Irou
1 The Six Samurai - Zanji
Monsters [21]
1 Asceticism of the Six Samurai
1 Cunning of the Six Samurai
3 Gateway of the Six
1 Giant Trunade
1 Monster Reborn
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Shien's Smoke Signal
2 Six Samurai United
1 Smashing Ground
Spells [13]
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Dimensional Prison
2 Musakani Magatama
1 Return of the Six Samurai
1 Solemn Warning (UTR)
Traps [6]
Deck Total [40]


1 Black Rose Dragon (UTR)
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
3 Colossal Fighter
1 Goyo Guardian (UTR)
3 Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En (UTR)
1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Extra Deck [10]


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