Frog Monarchs Duelist Unknown     
Location:  Regional - 2013-11-17 Managua Nicaragua
Place: Top 8

Format: Advanced
Courtesy of:
Main Deck
Side Deck
3 Battle Fader
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
1 Dark Dust Spirit
3 Effect Veiler
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness (Red)
1 Jinzo (Red)
2 Light and Darkness Dragon
3 Maxx "C"
3 Raiza the Storm Monarch
1 Ronintoadin
3 Swap Frog
1 Tragoedia
3 Treeborn Frog
Monsters [28]
1 Dark Hole
3 Enemy Controller
2 Mystical Space Typhoon (Blue)
3 Pot of Duality
3 Soul Exchange
Spells [12]
Deck Total [40]
1 Angel O7
1 Brain Golem
3 Electric Virus
2 Malevolent Catastrophe
1 Mobius the Frost Monarch (Red)
1 Mystical Space Typhoon (Blue)
1 Night Beam (UTR)
1 Spell Canceller
1 The End of Anubis
1 Treacherous Trap Hole
2 Vanity's Emptiness
Side Deck [15]


1 Armored Kappa
1 Black Rose Dragon (UTR)
1 Constellar Ptolemy M7
1 Crimson Blader
1 Daigusto Phoenix
1 Formula Synchron
1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
1 Gauntlet Launcher (UTR)
1 Herald of Pure Light
1 Number C39: Utopia Ray
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
1 Scrap Dragon
2 Slacker Magician
Extra Deck [15]

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