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DuelYuGiOh.com Solitaire Utility FAQ

This application only works in Internet Explorer 6.0. For internet security purposes and to be sure this application works correctly, please visit » here «.
Internet Explorer 6.0

Q: How do I move a card from my hand to the play field?
Simply double click on that card in the my hand text box, and it will move from there onto the playing field. You can then drag that card around to place it.

Q: How do I tap or untap a card?
Simply double click on that card.

Q: How do I search my library?
Simply click on Display Library. It will open your remaining cards, allowing you to double click on a card to add it to your hand. Then close the library, and your cards will be shuffled.

Q: How do I get a card from my Sideboard or RFG area?
Click on the View RFG/Sideboard button just below the Graveyard. You can then move a selected card from this area into play or to your hand. Also, clicking on the Trash Can icon on a card that is in play moves the targeted card into the Removed from Game area.

Q: I don't see any cards in my hand, and can't use any of the functions. What gives?
This application only works in Internet Explorer 6.0, and other like-minded browsers. (It currently does not work in Netscape, Mozilla, etc.)

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