Low Key: Electromagnet Warriors
Doug Zeeff

Sometimes I don't understand Yu-Gi-Oh! players.

When the new Electromagnet Warriors first dropped in the recent Yugi Structure Deck late last year, there was, for some reason, a lot of casual players picking up the strategy. At the time it was virtually unplayable, and couldn't compete in any competitive metagame. But ever since Delta The Magnet Warrior was released in Raging Tempest - arguably the one card that fixed all the deck's problems - I haven't seen people pick up the deck again.

The main Electromagnet Warriors are Gamma The Electromagnet Warrior, Alpha The Electromagnet Warrior, and Beta The Electromagnet Warrior. They all have really simple effects on summon to setup your plays: Gamma Special Summons a Level 4 or lower Magnet Warrior from your hand, Beta grabs a Level 4 or lower Magnet Warrior from your deck, and Alpha searches out the theme's boss monster, Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior.

Additionally, they all have the same effect and it can only be used on your opponent's turn: you can tribute them to bring out a Level 4 Magnet Warrior from your deck. All of the Electromagnet Warriors are Level 3, so prior to Delta the only picks for this effect were the Level 4 Normal Monster Magnet Warriors. That's obviously a big issue, but Delta changes all that. It has a respectable 1600 ATK, but more importantly you get to send a Level 4 or lower Magnet Warrior from your deck to the grave if you summon it.


That's perfect, because you need to banish Gamma, Alpha, and Beta on your field or in the grave to summon Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior! Once you get it on the field you can keep banishing additional Magnet Warriors to destroy cards on your opponent's field, clearing the way for a direct attack for 3000 damage. Lastly, if Berserkion's destroyed you get to Special Summon Alpha, Gamma, and Beta from your banished zone.

The obvious comparison here is to ABC-Dragon Buster. In ABC's, the Main Deck monsters have passive effects that only activate when they're sent to the grave, but ABC-Dragon Buster has active effects that you can use on either player's turn for disruption. Magnet Warriors are pretty much the opposite, packing a ton of immediate effects when you summon the little Magnet Warriors, and then Berserkion's Special Summon effect only happens when it's destroyed, unlike ABC-Dragon Buster's tribute effect. That's important because it means Magnet Warriors can do more with fewer cards, because they don't require things like Gold Gadget or Photon Thrasher to get their plays started.

The last thing I wanted to mention before showing you the deck list is that while Magnet Warriors have a Field Spell, they're not nearly as reliant on it as ABC's are on Union Hangar. Magnet Field lets you Special Summon a Magnet Warrior from your graveyard if you control a Level 4 or lower Rock Earth monster. That's great for giving you some extra damage or another Rank 3, but realistically you don't need Magnet Field to win.

Before explaining some other choices, let's take a look at what I'm playing:

@@@@@DECKID=107310@@@@@ Magnet Warriors might be the only deck I've seen that can run both Brilliant Fusion and Ties of Brethren. You'd think that there wouldn't be a deck that could make use of those very different cards, but in this build you really just want to open either one of them.

Obviously, Ties of Brethren is one of the strongest first turn cards you could draw in this deck. It ensures that if you open any of your Level 3 Magnet Warriors you can immediately get to the other two to set up a huge play on the following turn. I also like going for the single copy of Sentry Soldier of Stone if you drew Beta or Alpha, because you can use the Delta you'll summon on your opponent's turn to yard a Gamma.

Brilliant Fusion attacks on a different front, giving you more options in the face of destruction from cards like Zoodiac Drident. You can use it to summon Gem-Knight Seraphinite for more Normal Summons, but I find myself sending Magnet Warriors to summon Gem-Knight Zirconia more often than not. Both are totally valid options, and they set up the second big win condition of the deck beyond Berserkion…

Gorgonic Guardian
I've brought up Gorgonic Guardian a few times in my articles, but if you've never seen it before, prepared to be blown away by one of the best Rank 3's in the game. During either player's turn, you can detach one material to reduce a monster to 0 ATK and negate its effect, so it's already a better Number 106: Giant Hand. Then, on your turn, you can simply destroy a monster that happens to have 0 ATK, too. While the destruction isn't on either player's turn, it does provide a way to reliably push through larger fields while negating effects.

So why don't we see Gorgonic Guardian in competitive decks? Well, it needs two Level 3 Rock monsters to make, and those are few and far between. Luckily, this deck has a bunch of those, and I've even included some extras, too. Gorgonic Gargoyle is one of my personal favorites, acting as a Rock version of Kagetokage. In combination with Sentry Soldier of Stone and Magnet Field, you'll be cranking out Rank 3's in no time, and that's all on top of your regular Berserkion plays.

Another reason I've gravitated towards Magnet Warriors recently is that they don't get shut down by Dimensional Barrier, unlike a lot of the other rogue decks I've been testing out. As long as you have enough Magnet Warriors to banish you can summon as many Berserkions in a turn as you want. It's actually really tough for some opponents to deal with so many gigantic beaters that you're summoning for free and that float into other monsters when destroyed, so even if you get hit with a Dimensional Barrier on Xyz Monsters you'll still be able to make some awesome fields.

Lastly, there aren't a ton of decks playing Pot of Desires anymore because of how popular Zoodiac Ratpier is, so you'll have an automatic advantage over other players because you'll be drawing two cards when they won't be. While the overall power level of this type of deck is going to be lower than a Zoodiac variant, the two draws can regularly get you to Brilliant Fusion or Ties of Brethren on the first turn, making your combos run that much smoother.

Magnet Warriors are probably at the peak of their performance, so if you're looking for a fun, effective strategy to play that doesn't need Zoodiac Barrage, then I'd say this could be the perfect deck for turning some heads at the next local or Regional Qualifier that you attend!

-Doug Zeeff

Doug Zeeff hails from Michigan and is currently an English major in college. When he's not found emailing Konami about why there's not a single walrus card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! you can find him regularly posting unorthodox, unfiltered Yu-Gi-Oh! content on his Youtube channel, Dzeeff. In his spare time he enjoys eating cheese, Overwatch, and, of course, playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Click here to follow him and his adventures on Facebook!