Market Watch Top 10: YCS Fallout and Mega-Tin Action
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Dozens of deck lists from YCS Toronto and YCS Rimini are logged, and more and more players perused them this over the past few days. Meanwhile, duelists have had a full week to grab their top picks from the 2017 Mega-Tins, and the secondary market's beginning to give us a better picture of player responses to the reprints and new promos.

The result was a week of action in the TCGplayer Marketplace that looked a lot like the sales patterns we saw over the weekend, but with some different cards on the list as things shook out – including some direct responses to happenings at the YCS tournaments.

Let's get right into the breakdown, starting with the return of a Code of the Duelist card that was huge in the Marketplace, dipped due to lack of Regional play, and then hit it big in Rimini.

#10: Heavy Storm Duster

Virtually nobody at YCS Toronto played Heavy Storm Duster, and the same can be said of its performance in North American Regional Qualifiers. But it was huge at YCS Rimini , mained and sided in Andreas Vrellos' winning Pure Zoodiacs , mained at three copies in Jonas Spreng's Top 4 Zoo , and then played all throughout the Top 32.

Hand traps were more popular at YCS Toronto than they were at YCS Rimini, where more players in the Top 32 appeared to have played disruptive backrow instead. That created a situation where Heavy Storm Duster could do some major damage; every player that ran it seemed to say good things about it post-event. And while those conditions may remain different for a while, North American players clearly took note as interested in Duster surged once again.


#9: Dark Magical Circle

Cards for classic fan-favorite themes reprinted in the 2017 Mega-Tins were big last weekend, and they remained in the Top 10 over the course of the week despite taking a bit of a tumble down the charts. Dark Magical Circle led the pack at Number 5 as of Monday, but it was actually overtaken by other options from Monday to today.


#8: Magician Navigation

Magician Navigation was down from Number 7 last weekend to Number 8, but actually outsold Dark Magical Circle and Dark Magician, the latter of which disappeared entirely from the Top 10. Instead of Dark Magician topping the salescharts, another fan-favorite character card entered the Top 10 at Number 6 instead. More on that momentarily, but first a new entry that didn't chart last weekend….


#7: Drowning Mirror Force

…None other than Drowning Mirror Force. This card was Number 12 in sales over the weekend, and surged into the Number 7 spot this week. While it's yet to see competitive play in recent memory, and didn't appear in logged deck lists yet from either YCS, Storming Mirror Force and Quaking Mirror Force have both seen Top Cut success in recent tournaments and players are drawing comparisons.

Drowning Mirror Force is arguably the most punishing of the Mirror Force trap cards, cutting through any form of protection a monster might have save immunity to trap cards and just being in defense mode. Sadly that means it often struggles to deal with Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King, and won't hit a wealth of Zoodiac set-ups in plenty of cases. But still, Drowning Mirror Force was a $7-$9 card before its reprinting, and now it's available for about a tenth of that.

The Mirror Force cards are all pretty good, and owning a playset of each is an attractive prospect. At such a low price, the appeal's easy to understand.


#6: The White Stone of Ancients

We saw some niche interest in The White Stone of Ancients over the weekend, but demand was far bigger and more widespread from Monday to Friday. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a huge fan-favorite for casuals and competitives alike, and with the new F&L List potentially dragging down bigger decks to BEWD's level, now could be the right time to stock up on cards for the strategy.

Pretty much everything for the deck is affordable right now, and The White Stone of Ancients was one of the last missing pieces of the puzzle. While it was reprinted in Legendary Decks II and is still widely available, it appeared in that set as a Common, and the new Ultra Rare reprint is cheaper than the non-foil version.


#5: Cosmic Cyclone

Cosmic Cyclone was huge at YCS Toronto and North American Regionals, and though Twin Twisters and Heavy Storm Duster saw comparatively more play at YCS Rimini, Cosmic Cyclone was still a big factor for the obvious reasons: largest amongst them the popularity of True Dracos. While Draco variants weren't as big in Rimini as they are here, Cyclone's still pretty much a must-own, and the opportunity to pick it up for five bucks instead of twenty was a big hit with a ton of players.

Nothing like getting an entire playset of a competitive staple for less than what a single copy used to cost.


#4: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries hasn't seen much play this summer, but it was the only hand trap in Joshua Schmidt's Top 4 Demise True Draco build at YCS Rimini . That deck usually avoids hand traps, largely because they conflict with Card of Demise, but Schmidt smashed up competitors all weekend long, sparking a resurgence of interest. Schmidt's incredible track record has made him one of the game's biggest tastemakers, and the competitive community clearly took note of his success.


#3: Dimensional Barrier

Some players predicted a big dip in play for Dimensional Barrier once Link Monsters arrived, but as long as Zoodiacs remain dominant in tournament play, that just isn't a factor. Dimensional Barrier was big in every major tournament this past weekend, and that won't change any time soon unless there's a major F&L List shakeup. Which… well, it's Friday of a long weekend and we still don't have a new format yet. It's actually up a spot in th Top 10 from last week.

So yeah. Dimensional Barrier gets at least another weekend of supremacy.


#2: Pot of Desires

Holding its place from its Number 2 spot over the weekend, Pot of Desires is still massive, still available at less than three bucks a piece. The continued demand for this card is one of the factors making it easy for retailers to crack entire cases of the 2017 Mega-Tins, with several sellers in the TCGplayer Marketplace each listing over 100 copies at present.

While Pot of Desires went from seeing no play in Zoodiacs, to becoming a one-of or two-of, we're now seeing players moving all-in on it and running entire playsets. As high-level competition continues to get more and more invested in resource management, and players moved to running entire playsets of Zoodiac Thoroughblade and Zoodiac Whiptail more ubiquitously, Pot of Desires just becomes more and more important.


#1: Proxy Dragon

But once again, Proxy Dragon outsold everything else in the TCGplayer Marketplace! After the terrifying ruination left in the wake of Eric Dalton's run at YCS Toronto we're left in a weird situation: on one hand, Link Monsters won some more credibility; and on the other hand, nobody wants to invest in bigger cards like Firewall Dragon for fear of seeing them on the F&L List.

That leaves cards like Proxy Dragon in a high-demand position since they're so safe; cards that are obvious must-runs for the foreseeable future in Link-heavy strategies, but that don't seem problematic enough to land on the F&L List.

It's always intriguing to see cards generally played as singletons topping the sales charts; it means a ton of individual players are picking up their copies, and some players are picking up extras. Since Proxy Dragon's still just $1.50 it's very likely that some players are picking up entire playsets because why not.

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What else was big this week? Zoodiac Barrage nearly made the Top 10 at Number 11; Foolish Burial Goods came in at Number 12; Missus Radiant was Number 13; Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow was Number 14; and Zoodiac Drident was Number 15. There's clearly a substantial number of players gambling on the idea that Zoodiacs may make it through the F&L List. And aside from that, interest in standard Link Summoning support continues to rumble along in the background.

That's it for this week, but we'll be back after the long weekend with another look at the bestselling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer