Introducing: Heavymetalfoes Electrumite
Kelly Locke

The OCG LINK VRAINS Pack introduced nineteen new Link Monster to support existing themes, and while we won't get a comparable release in a single booster here stateside, those monsters are still on their way. For now we know that at least three of them are arriving in the TCG next month in Extreme Force: Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion, Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights, and Heavymetalfoes Electrumite .

The entire LINK VRAINS Pack is worth checking out if you haven't seen the upcoming support for decks like Ritual Beasts, Shaddolls, Madolche, and so many others. Some of those cards are incredibly powerful, and Heavymetalfoes Electrumite stands out among them. It's an impressive Link Monster that's totally game changing for Pendulum strategies, and it's exactly what Pendulums need to succeed in the Link era.

What Great Card Design Looks Like
Last year's changes to Extra Deck Summoning and the addition of the Extra Monster Zone deeply hurt Pendulum strategies by limiting their Summoning potential. As soon as you put an Xyz or a Synchro Monster in your Extra Monster Zone your ability to Summon from the Extra Deck vanishes, and you'll need to rely on Link Monsters to open up more Main Monster Zones. That's where the problem lies: outside of Decode Talker there are very few Link-2 monsters with two downward arrows. It's hard to Link Summon in the first place without a Pendulum Summon, but with only one Extra Deck Summon you'll often come up short.

Pendulum Magicians have found ways to remain very competitive in the Link era thanks to a robust set of support cards and a huge number of search effects. Time Pendulumgraph is easily one of the best traps in the game, and Oafdragon Magician helps to mitigate the Extra Monster Zone issue by returning Pendulums to the hand.

Other Pendulum strategies haven't fared nearly as well – not many are competitive outside of Pendulum Magicians. Heavymetalfoes Electrumite's helping to level the playing field not just for Metalfoes, but for all Pendulum themes where your Special Summons aren't restricted in some way.

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The real selling point of Electrumite is its two downward arrows and incredibly easy Summoning conditions. Electrumite requires just two Pendulum Monsters to Summon with no theme, Type, or Attribute restrictions. Two Zefra monsters? Check. Two Pendulum Magicians? Check. An Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and a Metalfoes Goldriver? That works too! Electrumite will likely be one of the easiest Link Monsters to Summon in your Extra Deck if you're playing a strategy loaded with Pendulum Monsters.

Even if Heavymetalfoes Electrumite has no other abilities it'd still be valuable as a Link Monster in Pendulum strategies because it plays the role of a near-generic Link 2. What puts it over the top is that it's much more realistic to Summon than Decode Talker, especially when you're not using Pendulum Summoning. It's not a stretch to put an extra Pendulum Monster on the field in addition to a Normal Summon, particularly with Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser available. There's a fully generic Link 2 on the way with exactly the same arrows, but it doesn't have a release date for the TCG quite yet.

Providing ideal Link Arrows with a Link 2 monster is hugely important, and yet we're really only scratching the surface of what Electrumite is capable of. Its three effects make it one of the best-designed cards in the LINK VRAINS Pack release, and they benefit nearly every Pendulum theme in some way.

For example, when Electrumite's Link Summoned its first effect will send a Pendulum Monster from the deck to the Extra Deck. It's a quick way to load up for a Pendulum Summon to Electrumite's Linked Zones, and it also grabs specific Pendulums needed for specific plays or combos.

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All Pendulum monsters have been searchable through Wavering Eyes and Majester Paladin, the Ascending Dracoslayer for some time, but both cards have their drawbacks. Wavering Eyes will often cost you two of your own Pendulums, and Majester Paladin's search effect adds a card during the End Phase. While Electrmite doesn't add a Pendulum to the hand it does put that card in play immediately with no additional costs. The monster you add to the Extra Deck can be Summoned immediately after unless you've already burned your Pendulum Summon that turn.

Heavymetalfoes Electrumite's second effect works in tandem with its first: you can destroy a face-up card you control to add a Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand. Your ideal target might be the monster you just tossed there with Electrumite's effect, or possibly another monster that you'd rather Normal Summon or play in your Pendulum Zone. There are a ton of options here, but beyond the utility of searching basically any Pendulum there's still more to Electrumite's effect.

One of the traits of the Metalfoes theme was the destruction effect stapled to most of the Pendulum Monsters. You could destroy a card to set a Metalfoes spell or trap directly from the deck, then later use the same effect to destroy a face-up Metalfoes Combination to net a search for a Metalfoes monster. Heavymetalfoes Electrumite takes that effect and slightly changes it, making it useful for any Pendulum theme. Like its Metalfoes family, Electrumite's destruction effect has benefits beyond adding a card to your hand: it also triggers the on-destruction effects of dozens of cards.

Electrumite's final effect is simply the icing on the cake: when a card in either of your Pendulum Zones leaves the field you'll get to draw a card. The progression with Electrumite's three effects alone puts a Pendulum in the Extra Deck from the Main Deck, destroys a card to return a Pendulum from the Extra Deck to the hand, and if you destroyed something in your Pendulum Zone or do so later in the turn you'll net a draw. If Electrumite survives you can trigger its draw effect during your opponent's turn, and use its second effect once again on your turn. That builds pressure by threatening to add cards to your hand turn after turn unless your opponent can destroy it. Electrumite is fragile, but it's also incredibly easy to Summon another copy.

Finding Homes In Metalfoes, Magicians, And Zefras
So how does Heavymetalfoes Electrumite fit into existing Pendulum strategies? It's obviously a great fit for virtually all Pendulum strategies from Performapals to Pendulum Magicians, although it's worth noting that Qliphorts and Amorphages would struggle to play it. While there's no help for Amorphages any time soon there is a Qliphort Link Monster on the way to help revitalize that strategy. Otherwise the door's open for Electrumite, but there are decks that can put it to use more effectively than others.

Heavymetalfoes Electrumite is a Metalfoes card, so it's reasonable to talk about its upcoming role in the now-antiquated strategy. Unfortunately Metalfoes have had difficulty competing since Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin was Forbidden, and that's primarily due to the lack of interruption in the theme.

Yes, Fullmetalfoes Alkahest can steal opposing monsters, but it's no SPYRAL - Sleeper. Alkahest's vulnerable and easily destroyed, and the remainder of the deck's offensive cards don't do much to pick up the slack. The Metalfoes support cards don't work particularly well with Electrumite either, and you'll get more value from Electrumite's effect in other decks.

#####CARDID= 20892 #####

When Metalfoes were among the best decks in the game they made a name for themselves with off-theme cards like Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin and Cyber Dragon Infinity. It's somewhat fitting that Heavymetalfoes Electrumite seems to be best suited for a different deck: Pendulum Magicians.

The difference Electrumite makes in that strategy is astonishing, and in my opinion it raises the stakes for Magicians on the next Forbidden & Limited List. It's essentially a vastly superior Tornado Dragon that can proactively trigger Double Iris Magician, Star Pendulumgraph, Astrograph Sorcerer, and a handful of other cards while netting draws and loading up the Extra Deck.

There's so much utility rolled into Electrumite's design, and Pendulum Magicians can take advantage of all of it. Adding Pendulums from the Extra Deck to the hand was already mostly covered by Oafdragon Magician, and now Electrumite lets you double up on those effects. You can also recover Performapal Skullcrobat Joker and other non-Magician Pendulums–something that was largely impossible before. You'll almost always get an extra draw during your opponent's turn thanks to Time Pendulumgraph if you choose to destroy your own card, and the Link Arrows help you get the most out of Harmonizing Magician by loading the field with a Link, Xyz, and Synchro on the same turn.

Zefras have always been just one card shy of true tournament contender status, and while I don't know if Electrumite will finally push them over the edge I can say that it definitely makes them much better. Electrumite's first effect already exists in Zefras with Zefraath, but doubling up to load the Extra Deck is great for two reasons: first, it gives you more monsters to Summon, and second, it builds up fodder for Zefra Divine Strike. You can use Electrumite as a stepping stone to reach Zefra Metatron – a Link 3 from LINK VRAINS Pack with an unknown release date in the TCG – if you need a more aggressive monster going into your Battle Phase.

Odd-Eyes Magicians won't need to rely on Sky Iris as much with Electrumite also available to destroy cards and trigger Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon, and the Main Monster Zones made available for Extra Deck Summons will come in handy when playing Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon. Outside of larger themes you can use Electrumite to trigger Guiding Ariadne in basically any Pendulum build, or search a tech choice like Archfiend Eccentrick. There's a ton of possibilities when the entire pool of Pendulum Monsters is at your disposal.

I think all Pendulum strategies are going to need to find ways to effectively use Heavymetalfoes Electrumite to be competitive, and it's certainly going to be a major threat in match-ups against Pendulums. It's especially weak to Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, and that could drive some decision making for hand traps going forward. Ultimately Electrumite is a bit too good in Magician Pendulums, but it's an awesome helping hand to Odd-Eyes, Performapals, Zefras, Abyss Actors, Metalfoes, Igknights, Dinomist, Deskbots, and even D/D to some extent. It's a must-play for Pendulums and on track to be one of the best cards of 2018.

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